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Litt- The Chase

New year, new desktop background! :D
Featuring Litt, Fish, and a new friend, Kenneth! Or Ken for short.

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(weed joke incoming) Damn Jester you so Litt you 420 blazeit on the weed. But this really is a cool piece of art work. (BTW the one eyed monster looks like those bird cyclops from Don't starve)
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Haha! Thanks!
Cool! I never played that game. :]
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See, this right here. Imagine a scene like this, as rendered by the Journey artstyle, and tell me that wouldn't make a kickass game.
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I'm thinking about it. Sounds so cool! :D
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I think I like Kenneth XD
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Aw man, I really love seeing your backgrounds, character designs, and lighting! They always impress me and I aspire to be like you! :D
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Thank you very much! X3
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You're welcome! 
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Cool, new characters! :D
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Beautiful! Nice composition! The torch/lanturn makes for some fun lighting!
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So... That giant one eyed one, is not hostile? right?
Since it doesn't look like the others are so frightened by him/her/it. XP

Anyway, Trytix approves! :D
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At the moment, I say it is not. But it can be. :]

Thank you! :D
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I hope it's not hostile, caus it looks almost cute tbh. X3
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