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Litt- Comic Preview

I’m still working on the story of Litt. Slowly, but working on it. Here is a comic page preview. Enjoy! :]

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I'm sure she is alright. I think...
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i looked at the mural and thought, Nurture, nature, knowledge, wisdom and light. in nor particular order.
then again the scales could also be used for harmony, balence or judgement.
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You almost got. :D 
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Ooooohhh this looks amazing! I'm hyped!
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This is so beautifully done!

If you ever decide to make a print of this, I'd definitely buy it.  :la:
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Aw thank you very much. :D
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I'm excited! After seeing little snippets here and there for so long, to see it coming to fruition is super cool!
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Can't wait to see more :D
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This looks really interesting! I'd like to read it. By the way, are the creature designs you have made for this so far are great, but are you changing some of them or making new ones?
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Thank you! :D
Some of them, like Litt's fish friend. 
Looks very interesting, looking forward to see more!!! :)
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Well, sorry for posting 2 comments in the same minute but MAAAN this looks NEAT I cant freakin' wait
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haha don't worry about. Comment away! 
And thank you X3
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