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Twisted Metal Poster

Hi, this is my latest fanart about Twisted Metal for PS3.

Don't forget to support the Twisted Metal community at (I'm "Shadow" there)
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I hope they have insurance.

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this game is epic =D
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hey man, is it alright if I use this pic in a game cover i'm making? i'll post here on deviantart. if you don't want me to use it or don't like it i'll take it down
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I wish I had an actual poster of this to hang somewhere in my room
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WOW, this is very nice! congrats!
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I LOOOOVVEESSS this game!!!
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Hey Kilrgrn ! Nice to see you here :) hehehe nope, this is a donation, for sure ! You can sleep like a baby my friend ;)
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Shadow! Hey, I was just worried someone was stealing your art since I didn't recognize your username. Fhew!

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This would've made an AWESOME poster to package with the game...if only they did, would've been better to pre-order with than just getting a multiplayer skin for STARHAWK, AXEL, and a free download of TWISTED METAL BLACK...OK then again that's already enough...hmmm, maybe they should release an awesome TM poster with a strategy guide?
Awesome, now I want one for my room
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Hi Chadbay, merci beaucoup !!

I dunno if you prefer to speak in english or french but all I can say is I'll try to blur the cars in the background and make a second version apart from the original one. Thanks for the tip matey. Stay tuned as I'll do another fanart very soon.

À bientôt ;-)
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This is mad mate!!! Awesome job on this!!! but for me, i prefer the old pieces u did, they give the real feel of the old twisted metal that we all used to love it!! But still great job mate!! there should be more fanarts about this game, am surprised that there s not enough fans... good luck dude and keep up the good work.
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Thank you matey for your comment !
Yeah, I prefer my old work too (especially the Monumental disaster one, with Sweet Tooth, cause I think this is my best job as a fanart).

The reason why I've done this poster is I love the PS3 official cover of the new TM but I think it's too bright (the white used isn't really appropriate to describe a such universe), that's why I've decided to redone the cover with a darker atmosphere. Also, I wanted to challenge myself by creating this picture with official renders of the game (see the official website for details), and I think I've more or less succeeded in my mission ;-)

At least, I agree with you about the community of fans. Of course this isn't a tiny community but nothing compared to a COD fanbase lol. In consolation, maybe you know, the real hardcore fan HQ about Twisted Metal ? For my point of view, all I can say is I'm not an american but a french fan of the TM series and I'm prood to share my passion and my work with real fans.

Long live Twisted Metal !!

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Heeyy!!! I knew ur french by the way, and Pairs level in twisted metal really means to u;) Ur piece is awesome but the two cars in the back must blur because they are out of focus, i think u got me... and yeah monumental disaster is one of ur biggest fanarts!!! Glad to become a friend with u and with the community of twisted metal, et oui je suis Libanais et je sais parler en francais;)
Long live Twisted Metal!!!
Bonne chance;)
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