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Twisted Metal 2 Paris

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EN : Twisted Metal 2 (World Tour in Europe) Motivational Poster to celebrate the 15th anniversary.

I used a lot of pictures from the web for this montage made with Photoshop CS4.

FR : Affiche de motivation sur Twisted Metal 2 (World Tour en Europe) pour célébrer les 15 ans du titre.

Un certain nombre d'images en provenance du web ont été utilisées pour réaliser ce montage sous Photoshop CS4.
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If that's Paris, where's the Eiffel Tower? It looks more like you just slapped in the glass pyramid from the TM1 rooftop.
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<.< >.> I didn't do it.
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The Twisted Metal series was one of the 1st video games i ever played. TM2 was my favorite along with Head On (PS2 version) and Twisted Metal Black
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voila! Paris, I remember that stage
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Blow up the Eiffel Tower!
TM2 kicked so much ass!!!
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good old times
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always have enjoyed Twisted Metal...
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Mon opinion est que Twisted Metal est un des plus bonnnes series de jeux videos en monde. Sorry for my bad french. I tried XD
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Wow, I know I'm a year late, but that's some really nice editing. It took me a few glimpses to notice all the images were stationary cars. Very nice.
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This is awesome! I LOVE Twisted Metal 2
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This is very motivational
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ohhh man you are gooooood
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Ahh... I remember playing this game when I was 6. Kicked so much ass then and I still have it. :D
Still own this game, for ps1. Good times
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:censored:IN STRAY MISSILS ALWAYS BEHIND ME MUTHA:censored:IN STRAYS........regulars are fine........But F:censored:K Calypso ESPSCIALLY!!

Shut Up And Bleed Motherfucker! - Sweet Tooth
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they need to remake that game someday.
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Fuck yeah , is totaly epic
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