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All-American (USA)

All-American is my own (copyrighted) creation and an original character concept realized with HeroMachine3.

Ryan Murphy was born on July 4th, 1947 in the Bronx, New York. His father Sean was an Irish-American and worked after his retirement from the army as a factory worker in a steel mill. His mother Rachel, however, was a German Jew who survived the Holocaust only through the rescue from the Auschwitz concentration camp by her future husband.

Ryan was an excellent student and outstanding athlete and his parents, who lived like many families in this time always just on the edge of poverty, set their hope on him receiving receiving a scholarship so that he could study and hadn't to face poverty like they did. However, since he belonged to one of the lowest strata of society, Ryan got this chance never and frustrated he become a layabout who quickly learned the rules of the street and developed a considerable talent to "organize" things and sell it expensive on the black market.

So he slipped farther and with 16 already had a lot to answer for. At this age he was - as a "hooligan" - also a member of one of those Motorradgrup groups that sprang up like mushrooms in the 60s. Two years later - in 1965 - it finally came to an incident that changed Ryan Murphy's life fundamentally. In a road race with souped-up Harleys Ryan and his opponent overlooked a young woman and her son who were crossing the road in the distance.

When Ryan finally noticed the two walkers it was already too late and it came to an accident in which the boy was killed, while Ryan remained completely unharmed. However, he suffered a severe shock, and even years later he heard the desperate cry of the mother to her son in his dreams: "BUCKYYYY!!!!"

Ryan was eventually convicted of manslaughter in court, but due to his his young age the judge gave him the choice whether to go to jail for six years or to enlist to the army for at least for 4 years. He chose the army and found unconsciously a place in life that seemed to be tailor-made for him. After his basic training, Ryan reported immediately to the Marines, where he impressed his instructors due to his athletic achievements and resilience and thus relatively fast rise in the military hierarchy.

When the Tet Offensive of the North Vietnamese army started on January 30th, 1968 he was one of the first to voluntarily enlisted for deployment in Vietnam, where he soon distinguished himself for his emotionless and strategic approach, as well as his ruthlessness in killing (including civilians). At the same time he became a loner who often disappeared for days in the jungle where he fought whole companies of the enemy on his own.

During one of these activities, he even some day saved a troop of American soldiers who had been surrounded by the Viet Cong, by attacking and neutralizing one opponent after another like an animal from the shadows. For this feat, in which he himself was severely injured, he was awarded the "Purple Heart" and promoted to captain.

After his full recovery, Ryan Murphy was recruited for his strategic knowledge and tactical skills by the United States Army Security Agency (ASA) in May 1968 to keep an eye on the enemy troops as a spy, while a ceasefire was negotiated at the first peace talks in Paris. As with his previous missions, he did this by disappearing for months in the jungle.

In the beginning he periodically touched base with his superiors, when he reported at predetermined points of time over radio. But one day the contact broke off and he was eventually considered dead. But now and then rumors were heard of a mysterious person who came American troops to aid or exposed the enemy to surprising and inexplicable attacks.

When the North Vietnamese President Thien came to power through rigged elections  in October 1971 and the war broke out in full force again, the Americans deployed the chemical weapon "Agent Orange" for the first time, whereupon the fate of Ryan Murphy, who at that time already had lived completely alone and cut off from civilization in the jungles of Vietnam for years, once again took an unexpected turn ...

One day in late 1974 Ryan came across a secret chemical laboratory of the Viet Cong in the Song Be province - which was most affected by the use of "Agent Orange" - where the renegade American scientist Dr. Hayden Creed worked on an experimental drug, with which he wanted to activate the dormant Xenogen in Vietnamese soldiers.

Just when Ryan had eliminated the bodyguards of Dr. Hayden Creed and taken him prisoner, the Viet Cong camp was attacked by the U.S. Air Force and chemically bombed. He could bring the scientist to safety just before the explosion, but collapsed shortly afterwards with severe burns. Cut off from any help and surrounded by the enemy, Dr. Hayden Creed offered him a dose from the last completed trial of his drug with the promise of rescue from certain death by his injury in exchange for his own freedom. But Ryan refused this offer and lost consciousness shortly thereafter.

When he woke up again, Ryan found himself in a Viet Cong prison camp where he should see Dr. Creed for the last time in several decades. The scientist now dosed Ryan against his will with the serum he developed whereupon Ryan's condition actually was stabilized. A short time later, Ryan was still half dead handed over to the Americans as part of a prisoner exchange to seal the ceasefire agreement and the end of the war. After that he was send for convalescence to a veterans home in New York, where he seemed to be recovering amazingly fast ...

As a highly decorated soldier and war hero, he finally beome one of the youngest trainer in the Marines on Parris Island in 1976. Until 1988 he performed his service there without incident, and the only unusual thing about him was possibly his youthful appearance since he looked no older than 27, despite his 41 years of age at that time. However, this was attributed to his athletic abilities and his healthy life. But then came the third and final incident that changed Ryan's life permanently.

A mentally unstable cadet, who could not withstand the pressures of hard drill in the Marines, grabbed an M-16 and a lot of ammunition and ran amok on the grounds of the military base, where he killed 13 people. Ryan tried to stop the young man, but that fired a full broadside into him. Although Ryan was hit at least 20 times, to his amazement the bullets were suddenly ejected from his body, while the entry wounds already started to close again. Overwhelmed by the pain of this process, he ran on to a tank, struck at it and tore off the open hatch. This he then threw like a discus on the gunman, who was beheaded by it.

When he had finally calmed down, he astonished saw the completely wrecked tank and what he had done. After intensive tests by scientific experts of the army they eventually realized that Ryan's entire genetic structure was changed by the serum he was given 14 years earlier, whereby it remained unclear what role the chemical warfare agent "Agent Orange" had played in this process.

Thanks to rogue scientist Dr. Hayden Creed's Xenogen amplifying serum Ryan Murphy was equipped with extremely enhanced physical abilites and an accelerated self-healing, which makes ​​him almost invulnerable - even if the injuries he suffers, very well cause pain and leave behind scars. At the same time it seems to be considerably slowing down his aging, which would help to explain his apparent youth. He can also partly conscious release enormous amounts of adrenalin, which temporarily increase his already enormous physical strength, agility, and resistibility to ten times, but also affect his rational thinking.

Of course, this discovery was kept secret by the military and Ryan - as a good soldier - offered to put his new powers in the service of the Army. He was then assigned to a secret government research laboratory called "Project Phoenix", that emerged in the early 60s from Dr. Creed's discovery of the Xenogen and since worked on its decoding. Through the study of Ryan Murphy's physiology they finally had a breakthrough and succeeded to create the first undisclosed super soldiers a few years later. Ryan had by that time already adopted the codename "All-American" and took over the leadership of this new force.
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