Thursday: Hand Drawings!

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Thank you to everyone who took part in last week's season prompt! We received a variety of entries, and it was great to see what memories you wanted to share with us.

Here are the five Premium Members who were selected to win 400 Points each!

Congratulations! You'll be contacted about your prizes within 24 hours. :) (Smile)

This week, we have an art challenge!

One of our favorite art projects as children was to create something by tracing our hands and then making art from there. This week, we're challenging you to make a masterpiece from an outline or imprint of your own hand!
  • Create a piece of visual artwork using your hand as a base for the work. You can trace your hand and create art around that, or you can create a paint print of your hand, much like ~killerbeechris has done in his artwork, HANDsome peacock.
  • Include your creation in a comment on this article.
  • Five Premium Members who take part will be selected to win 800 Points each! (Winners will be selected based on concept, creativity, and overall appearance.)
  • Comments must be left by 11:59 pm, Los Angeles time, on Tuesday, September 10th to be eligible to win.
Happy creating! :eager: by darkmoon3636

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Great contest! Here is my submission:

Basically a massive hand print dig site XD
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Thank you all so much! I just got home yesterday afternoon from the hospital. I've been there since last Wednesday. :( I'm doing better and so glad to be home! What a wonderful surprise!! :love: :heart:
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I hope I'm not too late.…

I don't know how to paste my image into this message. I hope my link is okay.
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Here is my challenge piece! I had fun creating it, thank you for the creative idea!!

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Made something~!

the-midnight-fairy's avatar
Nice idea, I'll try to join too :)
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What an amazing idea! We used to do that often in kindergarden, in all variations. I felt alot like a child again, doing this, drawing just for fun. Thanks for that prompt!

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"A Bird in the Hand"

Entry into the "Hand" Challenge!
a-neverending's avatar
This is amazing! I love it :)
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Thank you so much! My kitties tried to help me as I was drawing, which is why the paper has a bit of a dent in it :giggle:
The kittens were fascinated by all my pencils and everything I used to draw with. They thought everything was there for them to play with!!!
a-neverending's avatar
Haha, how cute. That's typical of cats, I guess. Makes the picture almost even cuter :) I wouldn't have noted the dent, admittedly.
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It happened when I did a traditional-art for The Secret Santa project at #DisneyDreamers, too ~ I was drawing away and a kitty tried to jump up on the top part of my large drawing pad! Kitties must think they are helping :giggle:
a-neverending's avatar
And aren't they? I imagine that it must be nice to have such an approving and interested audience while creating art! They even want to share in the experience *laugh* I wish I had cats to walk over my pictures now :)
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so can we have our hand more then once?
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How can I submit an entry?
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says to leave it in a comment here.
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Wow! Thanks for choosing my submission last week! :D That made my day!

Here is this weeks! This one was a lot of fun!

its a stegosaurus! :D I think its cute. I use to totally love hand print animals.  

a-neverending's avatar
Another hand print animal! God how I love(d) those. I think we made a hen back in kindergarden, but this one sure is amazing. And so cute.
Silver-the-kid's avatar
Thanks! We use to make turkeys when I was in school for thanksgiving! Its fun to try and see what you can do with that base shape, isn't it?
a-neverending's avatar
Agreed! Though I'd be sitting horribly long and staring at my hand if I were to do that now. One has to think of the animal one wants to do before painting the hand, and that's kind of... hard. I wouldn't have thought of a dinosaur, for example <3
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