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Just in time for Halloween, here are some of the most frightening yet bewitching cosplays from deviantART.

Lady Two-Face 3 by Meagan-Marie
Silent Hill - Bubble Nurse by ChocolateDecadence

Zombie Princesses by Blasteh
Spitter Left 4 dead II by Naty2j
Prestigious Plague by MonsterBrand
This is Halloween by Maho-Urei
Alice Madness Returns cosplay by EnjiNight
Halloween is my time by straywind
Corpse bride by Kifir
Hysteria by AnnaProvidence
Makeup: Cheshire Cat by Khdd
Dark Knight Harley Quinn by BangBangNeko
Pyramid Head I by Blasteh
Bellatrix : The Death of Dobby by LolaInProgress
Sally. by Maho-Urei
Skeleton Obscure. by equinelovex

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All of these just look spectacular! I love the Tim Burton ones, especially Jack :D
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Alice and Cheshire looks soo BEATIFUL!!
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Alice pictures are soo beatiful
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Why girls can be the most magical creatures in the world.
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but how. it just so real. o-o
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what a great feature!!
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I gotta admire the effort put into these. Kudos to the Spitter girl especially - yikes.

I'm also quite happy to see Sam.
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this is amazing i love and know all the costumes
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wow that's awesome!
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That was awesome. Thank you for collecting them.
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OMFG corpses bride blew me away!
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The Tim Burton ones were executed PERFECTLY. Dear god. :iconmindblownplz:
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That creepy knife-wielding one reminds me of Aya from Mad Father x3 AND THE FIRST IS ABSOLUTELY AWWWEESOOOOME~! xD
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woah :speechless: revamp you're right... incredibly terrifying yet absolutely beautiful......
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oh my lord... the huge-faced zombie-esque one... holy... just... O.O
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