Outcast Odyssey Challenge Semi-Finalists

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The semi-finalists are in! See which 25 pieces are in the running to be featured in the adventurous world of Outcast Odyssey. lady snake by Igor-Grechanyi

Outcast Odyssey

In the Outcast Odyssey Card Master Challenge, we asked you to illustrate a new Witch/Warlock, Dragon/Monster, or Steampunk Warrior that belongs in the adventurous world of Outcast Odyssey for the chance to have your art featured within the game!

There were amazing entries, featuring everything from dangerous magical beings to brave and gallant heroes. Our judges looked at every single entry and picked 25 amazing pieces which will now be sent to the team at Outcast Odyssey. Congratulations, Semi-Finalists!

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Screw this stupid contest... A gathering of tastlesness for dumb mobile casual game
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wow a lot of them are seriously gorgeous! good luck to everyone and congratulations :)
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Some amazing art!
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Congratulations to all...
Amazing works and good luck to semi-finalists!
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every single one of these are quite very beautifully crafted. Congrats to all who made it to the semi finals.
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Five of all, in my opinion are within the request theme and three of them are plagiarism Byonetta, Castlevania LOS 2, and one Bucky¬¬
(I watch too much anime and video game play, so I say that the type already saw .....)
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I see NOTHING in any of these works that plagiarized any of the said examples. Sure, they might have gotten inspired by it, but blatant copying and inspiration are different things. 
YuffieKadaj's avatar
 "Inspired" and "plagiarized" to me are same!¬¬
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Saying this is like saying your chair is plagiarized by the first chair made in the world, or that a wheel is a plagiarism of the first invented wheel by neandertals. 
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Hi there, my entry was based on my original model from Warcraft III, and the model was made in 2011, you can see my video  here( it's uploaded from Apr-29-2011, so my entry was my original concept after all: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGTHiu…

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I'm sad to say, there are a few I thought for sure would have made it. Congrats everyone that did!
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I see all of them are digital art, so I guess people without those programs might as well not have waisted their time entering.... 😕
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Because contest are for the digital artists, no one need traditional drawings... in case of specific of the game))! 
KissedbymyMuse's avatar
I agree. It's sad to see that traditional drawing and painting doesn't get the credit it deserves. Really sad that not even one different technique made it into the semi finale. Still, congrats to those who made it.
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Most of the time it is digital art sadly those who perfer the old fashioned way don't get much credit anymore. Keep trying though cause atleast you get ur art out there cause alot of ppl look at the entries.
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I would say it is because of the skill that traditional painters offers, most of the time, its not even comparable to digital.
People like Sam Flegal, Karl Kopinski are well known traditional(or mixed) artists in game industry for example, Noah Bradley too.
So I dont think they are underappreciated, its just they are not good enough. Thats why most of artists went digital, because its faster.
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Not to be a critic here BUT the Sea Monster Picture really looks a lot like Bungie's Character Crota, Son of Oryx in the game. I feel as though that is copyrighting. No offense or anything believe me all of this is much better then what i can achieve for the time being but it just looks like the person just copied it. :/ and i know too that i have looked other art and "made it my own" so plz no hate mail im just expressing my concerns because it says it must contain ORIGINAL art.
End of Rant.
Kirito (I didn't mean it) [V1] 
Congrats to all of the Semi's and soon o be Grand Prize Winners!
Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
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I don't think they look anything alike. The artist has probably never even played destiny. A copyright infringement claim is very serious, and quite frankly, in this case, rather rude.
VampiressViolet's avatar
it was just an opinion and yes though that may be the case i was just pointing it out. in my eyes they look very similar. fyi i wasnt trying to be rude it was just an OPINION in this case MY OPINION. I still liked the picture however thats just what i thought of it.
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Congrats for all of you guys!!!Fool Emoji-11 (Hurray for you and me) [V1] 
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these entries are so good. I guess I just have to step up my game. T-T
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Amazing O.o Congrats!
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