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Outcast Odyssey

In the Outcast Odyssey Card Master Challenge, we asked you to design a new Witch/Warlock, Dragon/Monster, or Steampunk Warrior for use in the new Outcast Odyssey game, and the winners are in!

We were honored with judges of the highest possible calibre: contracted Outcast Odyssey artist and DeviantArt member Warren Louw, Senior Designer at Magic Pixel Games Jonathan Durr, and Mobile Games Producer at Namco Bandai Games America Joe Riego. Our esteemed judging team pored over every semi-finalist’s entry in great detail.

Only a handful of illustrations would best translate into a card to be featured in the game, and after much thoughtful consideration, our judges agreed on the following three pieces. View the alluring Witch, monstrous Dragon, and formidable Sorceress picked as finalists, and read the judges’ comments below. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!


"The design of this dragon was so unique. The artist did a great job with the composition and the sense of scale on the creature."

- Jon Durr

"There were a lot of great dragons in the contest but this particular piece stood out as having a real surreal feel to it and it just fits in the world of Outcast Odyssey."

- Joe Riego

"Excellent use of colour with a solid painterly technique bringing through a wonderful design with epic scale. A worthy OO dragon!"

- Warren Louw


"Pirate King! Robots, Guns!, aaand Pirates? What’s not  to love. "

- Joe Riego

"Pirate King: Awesome concept and very well executed! Loving the character design, colours, composition and overall mood created in this scene."

- Warren Louw

"Pirate King: This piece was wonderfully rendered, and conveyed a lot of personality.  Plus robots are sweet!"

- Jonathan Durr


"We've played a lot with different perspective on the cards, and know how tricky it is.  This image nailed that perspective.  The detail in the snake was incredible while not stealing the scene away from the central character."

- Jon Durr

"This piece elevates the standard fantasy trope of the wicked witch. The use of perspective, the dynamic lighting and vibrant use of color creates a stunning visual."

- Joe Riego

"Skilfull execution of composition, values, colour and detailing doing great justice to the character. An epic pleasure to look at!"

- Warren Louw

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Well better luck next time. Competition was tough but The winners sure deserved to win. amazing art work.
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ladysnake is awesome
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Congratulations to all! The dragon is really eye-catching! :)
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Hello. My name is Valentina. I'm of interest of Blam!Games company.

We want to inform you that on the website "deviant art" there are pictures the copyright rights of which are belonging to us. And also the grand prize was taken by one of our picture. Its name is "Witch"

This art is a part of our project which now is developing. A person who used this picture in your competition is our ex-employee. And in fact he used not his intellectual property.

All copyright rights belong to Blam!Games limited. That's why we ask you to delete this picture from all the sites and not to use it in any other business.

The participant of your competition, Nikita Bolyakov, broke the rules of the company he worked for and also he broke the requirements of your site.

Best regards,
Valentina Bainova
Business development  manager of Blam!Games
skype: valentina_blam
email: valentina.baynova@blam-games.com
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DeviantArt received your comment as a Note and we are investigating your claim.  Obviously, we take claims of this kind very seriously and once we have concluded our investigation we will make and appropriate comment here and, if necessary, re-set the winners.

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Wait a minute! Is this the reason the winners changed? I was about to ask that.
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I might sound like a retarded but anyone know who do i contact to retrieve the prize for the shortlisted winners?
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So, since my entry didn't place am I allowed to sell prints?
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Most deserved.
Wonderful pieces, all my respect to the artists.
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So he copies an illustration from painter and wins?
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What? You never heard of the Day of the Dead [Dia de los muertos]. Looks like the face painting is modeled after a sugar skull.
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I wonder where I can find informations about some deviant art competitions like this? There are some place where I can always find news about some new competitions or I just must keep an eye on the main side?
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Hello! Keep an eye on hq. That's where we post all of the new official contests!
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Very good :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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Give them applause Epic clap  
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congratulations! Well done all... :D
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Congrats winners! There were so many good entries so be proud!
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I wonder how 22 Semi-Finalist entry get their prize? SInce until today i didn't get any email about prize delivery or some thing like that!
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Yep, same thing No, I disagree! 
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