Lightning Returns: FFXIII Contest Semi-Finalists!

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Oerba Lightning by Nobu-Hazel :: Fire Flower :: FFXIII Lightning Returns by Sangrde LR Contest - Angel of Valhalla by Nyanfood Lightning Da by Quikewuff FFXIII Lightning Returns: Legendary Rider by Futago-KawaiI Lightning Return : FF XIII Contest by G-David Blossoming by SaraCuervo CONTEST ENTRY - Paradigm of the Wild by Zummeng FFXIII - Lightning Returns by R-ena Lightning R7 by mattdonnici Lightning Forever by Huue Lightning: Fallen by Luigigurl Corrupted Angel Armor by dinmoney Rose Valkyrie by Aureta Crystal Stasis by haru-naru Lightning - Mythril Scorpion Armor by randis LR Raijin suit by Aseo Lightning Returns - FFXIII by DiegooCunha<da:thumb id="434667143"/> Customized Version of Lightning by eloel Odin God Armor by spirapride Wilhelmina by KarmaLizzard<da:thumb id="435599018"/> Sword Waltz by Overweight-Cat LR: Chocobo Hunter by ChrisBjors lightning returns contest flattenFinal2000x550 by AlNiCo-ism Violet Grimoire by Pechan FF Lightning by NiaYeh<da:thumb id="434761747"/> Purple Bolt by sHoNi89 Crystallised Armour by Jasqreate Final Fantasy Redesign by BobKehl Lightning 2.0 by ijur Lightning by yagaminoue Lightning by Niamstudio Queen Chocobo - Lightning - by Fanelia-Art Lightning has returned by david-sladek Odin's Gift by kurimja Phoenix - warrior of Light by Tai-atari Lightning by AnthonyFoti I became a survivor by RinRinDaishi Lightning by Nyamesiss Lode Runner Lightning by Gevurah-Studios TIME KEEPER by Eddy-Shinjuku LR: Queen Crystallis Garb by Artipelago Lightning by transfuse Forbidden Gateway by ArisT0te Lighting Return-soul Eater by JIRO-ODD

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are you kidding me?
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i'm a little disappointed too...

I see there were A LOT of talented artists with awesome original work and very high technical skill, that aren't been taken in consideration.
(my god, sorry for my english)
I thought this work would be in final:…
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damn so using an art program to beef up the concept really does help guess I'll have to save money to buy Photoshop then....
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Photoshop can be really difficult to colour with unless you know how the program works. So I suggest you look at some videos on how to colour with photoshop if you decide to buy it:  < there's lots of resources in that link that'll greatly help with painting in PS. Perhaps it'd be worth looking at one or two of the videos before you go and buy PS so you have an idea of what it is you'll be buying. 
xmetawolf's avatar
I'v already seen a ton of those and I have a pretty good idea on how it works plus if none of that works I can just trial and error my way through things but I'll check your link any way THE MORE HELP THE BETTER!!
phoenixleo's avatar
That won't help either if everything else is not up to par with it .
xmetawolf's avatar
what do you mean?
phoenixleo's avatar
It means if you are lacking in fundamentals, having an art program like photoshop won't help similar to buying expensive paint hoping it would beef up a traditional painting.
xmetawolf's avatar
oh okay I get it now but if I don't buy the tools to start practicing with them how will I ever gain experiance
phoenixleo's avatar
Fundamentals of art one can learn with pencil and a paper.
The hurdle of using a tool, whether a pencil or in this case, photoshop is something you can overcome if you put your mind to it, and there are other options available besides using photoshop. But it doesn't take photoshop to learn anatomy or composition or shading.
xmetawolf's avatar
that's stuff I already know about 75% about and have books on those are the basics right?
phoenixleo's avatar
And are you practicing on improving on those things? Are they reflected on your work? That's important.
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My tribute to Orphan was defeated... destiny, After all they want to die... but...
Dysley said: disappointing. Then, I say...
I'm deeply disappointed by the metric of the opinion of the website (I do not mean Nomura) because DA was the first determining sieve.
Fifty works for a world-contest are so many and yet few and I was expecting something more particular in the choices, not only computer art.
This is an art that reaches exceptional effects at high levels, I admit, but at certain quality they're very similar to each other and cold. I think also that there has been little consideration of the appearance of the concept-design for a costume. These are almost all illustrations and not studies.

In any case, my congratulations to the finalists and the winners because it was not an easy challenge. T(h)ank you all for the "battle".
XxGiovannyxX's avatar
There were really impressive works and real customizations according to rules, but seems like DA staff is too comfortable just with digital art, so sad.

Yours was a potential winner at least in my opinion, but seems like to have a chance in future contest we have to design a banner through digital media.

Amazing works indeed, but they do not have the common sense to choose wisely (maybe lack of time)
0rgan's avatar
NHAHAHAHAHA ... Thank you very much, and glad to hear it. "And so we thank you...."
However, my technique is half digital (pieces of paintings manipulated to a minimum to your computer) but not traditional (in the contemporary sense), and it is difficult to appreciate this intersection and I still have to manage it better.
Even from the academic side I do not had really positive feedback.

But I like it, I like not having the easy and obvious way and I appreciate those who share this ardent idea.
If you want my advice, do not ever give up on what you feel and want to do. Follow trends for a fleeting success by giving up what you fell and want to do not really leads you to win, but it blinds you before the true freedom of your ability.
In utter humility I tell you that you have to be much more ambitious to override sheets and screens.
So this defeat does not hurt me and I hope even you, I really did not expect to be understood. Rather receive even a few comments like yours make me really happy....... And.. I love to challenge others. Then... This is only the first round!
Get ready for the next Boss!
XxGiovannyxX's avatar
Thanks so much for your kind answer. As you said, this experience at least is useful to improve by the feel of challenge others and test yourself against the whole world.

After that I decided to take again the tools and practice again and again and again and not throw away one of my favorite things to do. 

Wish you the best and I will be on the way to check the next boss and others :D
0rgan's avatar
Ahah, will be an honor to meet you in the next arena.
XxGiovannyxX's avatar
xD I am still so far to compete against you sen sei!
0rgan's avatar
BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, training and madness are the ingredients, do not give up!
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I don't want to like evil, but i have the feeling (i really hope to wrong) that who have choose the semi-finalists wanted only drawings graphically similar to the game... Have you noticed? They ALL look like Final Fantasy's screenshots! Here explained the would "digital-only" gallery.

In short words, this is all more advertising for the game... it's not wrong itself, but telling us about this detail before wouldn't kill them, am i wrong? :I
rydi1689's avatar
I thought making it a banner-based contest in which you had to meet a determined size in your artwork to be used as an advertisement in the front page of deviantART was a very evident clue :lol:. Maybe the rest of the people didn't think about it that way but I assumed from the first moment that this was just a contest to draw attention to the game and advertise it within deviantART (and even so I still participated :D).
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You're right. In the rules it was well explained that the size affair was for the game's homepage. But who build this contest (i don't want to make names) forgot one thing. Knowing what client/sponsor wanted from the very start, knowing that digital art was moooore suitable for a high-level game as FFXIII, what was the sense of wasting time of who drawed in traditional art? I hoped in a little more equality between digital and traditional finalists...
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