Lightning Returns: FFXIII Contest Semi-Finalists!

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Oerba Lightning by Nobu-Hazel :: Fire Flower :: FFXIII Lightning Returns by SiZNArt LR Contest - Angel of Valhalla by Nyanfood Lightning Da by Quikewuff FFXIII Lightning Returns: Legendary Rider by Futago-KawaiI Lightning Return : FF XIII Contest by G-David Blossoming by SaraCuervo CONTEST ENTRY - Paradigm of the Wild by Zummeng FFXIII - Lightning Returns by R-ena Lightning R7 by mattdonnici Lightning Forever by Huue Lightning: Fallen by Luigigurl Corrupted Angel Armor by dinmoney Rose Valkyrie by Aureta Crystal Stasis by haru-naru Lightning - Mythril Scorpion Armor by randis LR Raijin suit by Aseo Lightning Returns - FFXIII by DiegooCunha<da:thumb id="434667143"/> Customized Version of Lightning by eloel Odin God Armor by spirapride Wilhelmina by KarmaLizzard<da:thumb id="435599018"/> Sword Waltz by Overweight-Cat<da:thumb id="435410489"/> lightning returns contest flattenFinal2000x550 by AlNiCo-ism Violet Grimoire by Pechan FF Lightning by NiaYeh<da:thumb id="434761747"/> Crystallised Armour by Jasqreate Final Fantasy Redesign by BobKehl Lightning 2.0 by ijur Lightning by yagaminoue Lightning by Niamstudio Queen Chocobo - Lightning - by Fanelia-Art Lightning has returned by david-sladek Odin's Gift by kurimja Phoenix - warrior of Light by Tai-atari Lightning by AnthonyFoti I became a survivor by RinRinDaishi Lightning by Nyamesiss Lode Runner Lightning by Gevurah-Studios TIME KEEPER by Eddy-Shinjuku Lightning by transfuse Forbidden Gateway by ArisT0te Lighting Return-soul Eater by JIRO-ODD

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are you kidding me?