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Game-header by marioluevanosIn the Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest, we challenged you to illustrate heroes from across the Blizzard universes engaged in battle. Artists heeded our call and picked up their pens, brushes, and styluses to fight for the Nexus with their art, and the semi-finalists are in! Congratulations semi-finalists, and thank you to everyone who participated!

The Wars Have Been Waged! The 25 semi-finalists are in!

In the Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest, we challenged you to illustrate characters from two or more different Blizzard universes engaged in battle. Artists heeded our call and picked up their pens, brushes, and styluses to fight for the Nexus with their art!

From one-on-one confrontations between iconic warriors to intense scenes of chaotic battle, our DeviantArt judges reviewed every action-packed entry in detail to select the top 50 as semi-finalists. From there, Blizzard’s panel of nine judges narrowed down the selection to the top 25 entries. The prevailing semi-finalists will now be sent to Sam Didier, Senior Art Director for Heroes of the Storm, who will pick the top three winners!

Congratulations, semi-finalists! And thank you to everyone who entered!

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Congrats to the semi finalist :D
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I took 4500 5000 pixels, with an emphasis on detail, wanted to show the angle and style like in the "Golden Axe" . Broken jaw Diablo))) And it was necessary to do more effect and epical...But I see your mistakes... and would be good if other draughtsman pointed at them and criticize my work. I Will be very grateful.;) (Wink)  And congratulation to all the finalist!Clap 
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It looks as though you spent an incredible amount of time on that drawing...wow.

What came to mind for me, is the lack of a central focus; the entire image doesn't vary much in value, and I feel as though complex drawings like this need that more than anything.

The dwarf on the right seems to shift the composition and almost makes it seem awkward, but perhaps that's only because the left side of the image is crowded. It also seems cut off on the left a bit too much. 

Overall, I think your piece could have used some more specific lighting and value contrast. 

Hope this helped a bit....I know what It's like to spend a ton of time on something and not get the reaction I wanted.
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I was very disappointed by Blizzard Co.  I cant find any impact from some semi-finalists(Maybe more than half of them.).
I thought Blizzard is special at least until the announcement.. I believe that they will pick special, originality work, super creative, and also great drawing skill.
But, they picked some great skill works, and some junk works. and semi-finalists has not originality. nothing special..
I cant understand why they pick them.
Except some roughly, to pick and seems to have performed.
I dont wanna play Blizzard games anymore. I can sure that Blizzard dont watch the entries carefully, they pick semi finalists cursorily.
I realize that Blizzard is not special. so I dont wanna play Blizzard games anymore.
You should think about it
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Woah. All that hate. 
I don't know why you don't want to play Blizzards games and how is this contest linked to that argument of yours.
But I can assure you. There is NO better company than Blizzard that can make better quality game than theirs. 
Yeah they kinda lowered priorities through their game style to more casual, but I still enjoying their style and their visual appearance from game to game. 

This contest though. I don't know. This contest is kinda shabby? Don't know which word to pick. Its out of a place. Many "meh" works was picked to semifinals over real awesome art (no I'm not pointing at mine, mine suck balls). Thus we have some really low level art here and some real good one. Still those artists who really deserve to compete between this bunch of art was left with no chance to return. 
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I know Blizzard games are really good. Its the best company in the world. so I disappointed to them.
I didnt say Blizzard game is bad. their game is absolutely perfect. nevertheless they pick semi finalists cursorily.
thats the point.  they show me dadnasticate.
maybe Ill play starcraft and wow continuously.. but anyway I disappointed.
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As I was told, this bunch of art was picked by DA jury not by Blizzards. Blizzards will pick three grand awardees from those 25 works (this actually in a progress as I believe). 
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you dont know that.  DA picked 50 works. then Blizzard art team picked 25 arts.
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Then. If it is true. This is super dumb of them. I'm out of options why they turned back on some neat art. 
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grats for the finalist, maibe next year!
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now these are masters of the craft!!!!
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beautiful works! Awesome job guys/gals!
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Hahaha I love reading the comments, some of them bring up some very good points, others not so much. :D
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Congrats on the winners, but some don't deserve the semi-final entry due to the lack of detail, non-original content used in their art. Extremely disappointed withsome that went through when some other entries that had spent more time on creativity rather than duplicating images for another part of their art.

The judgements should've been based on the fine details of the art, the contents and the events of what is occurring. That results from imagination and creativity.
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I agree with the originality point...
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Congratulations to the semi-finalists! I see really great works here. Among them - my favorites :). Good luck!


P.S. I promised myself that - to avoid rudeness - I won't express my feelings about complaining here and there disrespectful angry kids, so...
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Congratulation to all the finalist! I like how diverse all their choices are! It would suck if all the winners have same artstyle. Hug 
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United we standHeroes of the storm: Rhapsody and Sargeras vs Monk really caught my eye. i hope they catch the eyes of the judges as well.
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don't be offended, but... are we trying to imply that the artist stole the idea from a previous work of art and use it as a contest entry? That is one hell of an allegation. Although there are some similarities between the two works, i don't think that Sargeras vs Monk is a rip-off of the one you are trying to cite. but that's just my opinion. 
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My tongue doesn't turn to call it stealing ideas, because the quality of the art undeniably excellent. But the fact that these similarities are many - sad. Whatever it was - good job. (Sorry for my EnglishSweating a little... ) 
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