Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge Winners

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By madizzlee
Goblins vs. Gnomes by SpicyGingerr

In the Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge, we asked you to create your own version of an inventive Gnome or fearless Goblin from Hearthstone. We sent 25 of your Goblin and Gnomish engineers, tinkerers, and mechanics to the Creative team at Blizzard, who took the time to carefully sift through each entry. The team was impressed by every entry, from the tea-fueled robots to teleporting birds. After deliberating, the Blizzard team chose three winners to rule the field of battle with their crazy and unique inventions. Congratulations, winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

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How do you enter a contest?
CalebPerkinsArt's avatar
you enter it into the gallery of the competition
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congrats to the winners! :D
volcanicmind's avatar
Well deserved! Congratulations to all the winners for these gorgeous pieces!
hon87's avatar
congratz alll!!!! fantastic arts!!
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THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!! Great work and great concepts.  Loved the granny one too... 
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Congrats to the winners, I think their work is really good. And what a discussion here about digital art, what the hell? I mean it's a jury contest so there's gonna be some subjectivity, everyone who enters the contest should know that.
Apparently these people made something the jury likes, good for them! I think a traditional artist could have won just as well if he had a good idea and execution that happened to appeal to the jury.
I could only hope to be as good as these winners. 
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this is all so epic!
*sigh* I meant to enter but didn't finish mine on time... oh well
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Woow yang menang edan-edan artworknya.
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I love how much mad character is expressed in the first two. So much story can be taken away from just those two pieces. The third is just epic. 
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Why do only the digital art made from high cost drawing tablets and proffesional artists always win?
Why dont DA ever give chance for other hobby artists and tradional pen-pencil-artists ever win a contest?
Alexaphyr's avatar
Probably because it's going to be presented on a digital medium. Either that, or it matched the style of the game best?
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That is ADORABLE! Congrats!!
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Where are the honourable mentions? I always look forward to seeing those... :/ 
Alexaphyr's avatar
JustArt27's avatar
the semi finalist are the honorable mentions lol.
surafbrov's avatar
Well deserved. Congratulations. :)
DragonRoseArt123's avatar
They all deserved it! Amazing work all of them!!!
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:icondannylaplz: Amazing work! 
Fronkie-Syein's avatar
love it awsoome *,*
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Congrats everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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The comment section has become a bloody battlefield.
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