Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge Semi-Finalists

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By madizzlee
Goblins vs. Gnomes by SpicyGingerr

The battle was declared, and now, the semi-finalists are in!

In the Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge, we called for you to create your own inventive gnome or fearless goblin. Our judges scoured the entries, and found 25 goblins and gnomes whose mischievous inventions will surely cause some mayhem. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations semi-finalists!

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you know, i actually found this competition quite annoying... they've chosen pictures that have been done with a computer, and have completely cast aside the more "traditional" forms of art.

yeah sure, my goblin lady didn't have a background to give more oomph, i get that. but i saw other fantastic hand-drawn pieces that, in my opinion, surpassed the computer generated pieces.

it would be very appreciative if they took in consideration that not everyone uses a graphics tablet, and some may never want too either.

it would also be nice if they chose ones that didn't really have the same style a Hearth Stone; everyone's style is different, mine is manga, Astrozerk's is horror-based, some do realism and who knows what else there is.

this is a serious problem; if the judges can't accept the pieces of art submitted as an individual uniqueness and decided to judge on the type of art it is, then they shouldn't have been judging at all. 

this competition has proven to be unfair and in a way, a discrimination towards all other art forms and types.
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NOOOOOO Goblin Dentist didn't make it?! :(

It was always my favorite: www.deviantart.com/art/The-Gob…
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These are all so good!:awesome: 
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EXACTLY!!! It's all about the creativity! Anybody else wanna take a stand for creativity? ANYBODY?!?!
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I know that I like Creativity.
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There we go!:D (Big Grin)  Clap 
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Merry Christmas
canary1212's avatar
happy new year
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I still think they have been rather biased with the 'art skill' concept. No thirteen-year-old is capable of such detailed artwork, but they might have a bigger better imagination than some of these semi-finalists. The Goblin Technician, in my opinion, is the best drawn for the style, but isn't so creative. That's probably just the first thing that pops into your head.
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haha Deviantart art contest .... never again !!!
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My idea didn't reach them! ... tsk tsk tsk...

I who thouroughly looked at every submission for many hours , JUST to make sure I have my OWN ORIGINAL idea! ,
and someone instantly shows a submission with the same concept -_-

when I had passed way 5 days earlier -_- 

the gravity concept, the eye-accessory!
where's the originality?!

GREAT! ... just great!

Ozone the Gravity Gnome by HrduiN
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Congrats to winners

I also think that judges could do their job much, much better. I think that strict number of 25 semi finalist is completely wrong idea. 10% from all submissions should be fair choice or alternatively at least 100 artworks! This way, Blizzard is the only looser here!  
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they had a lot of nice work! a big lost of time :(
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Wow, the art is so amazing. :iconmoesnuggleplz:
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What place was I, last?
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Aaand deviantarts reputation takes another hit..
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My entry didn't get picked, but its alright I really learned alot :)

Congatulations to all the semi-finalists/ winners, their works are really sick Clap 
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dude, the semi finalists are better then the winning entries, who are the judges for these contests, It's not like I had a chance in hell, but way more of the semi finalists actually did something that was actually cool looking, and understanding of the theme.
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i... can't... believe...
they chose me o_o
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Very Nice! I like your one a lot!
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What? :) Are you kidding? Who is the judge? Why the best artwork just ignored, but so many creepy work the semi-finalist? What just happened here?
Where these artworks, for example?

It looks like the judges know nothing about art or characters design.
I don't think that I'ill participate in the competition again with the noname judges from the deviant staff...
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