Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge Semi-Finalists

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you know, i actually found this competition quite annoying... they've chosen pictures that have been done with a computer, and have completely cast aside the more "traditional" forms of art.

yeah sure, my goblin lady didn't have a background to give more oomph, i get that. but i saw other fantastic hand-drawn pieces that, in my opinion, surpassed the computer generated pieces.

it would be very appreciative if they took in consideration that not everyone uses a graphics tablet, and some may never want too either.

it would also be nice if they chose ones that didn't really have the same style a Hearth Stone; everyone's style is different, mine is manga, Astrozerk's is horror-based, some do realism and who knows what else there is.

this is a serious problem; if the judges can't accept the pieces of art submitted as an individual uniqueness and decided to judge on the type of art it is, then they shouldn't have been judging at all. 

this competition has proven to be unfair and in a way, a discrimination towards all other art forms and types.