Dracula Untold Billboard Contest Winners
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In the Dracula Untold Billboard Contest, we challenged you to show us one of Vlad the Impaler's transformations—either into a flock of bats or the fearsome vampire Dracula. After much deliberation by the judges, the winners are in. Congratulations winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!<da:thumb id="510039333"/>

In the Dracula Untold Billboard Contest, we challenged you to illustrate one of Vlad the Impalers monumental changes—either into a flock of bats or into the fearsome vampire Dracula. There were hundreds of beautiful pieces, all of which showed Vlad's incredible strength of body and character. After much debate, our judges agreed on these three amazing entries. Congratulations winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!

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winners improved on the movie.
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Congrats to the winners,  But... I put in an entry that would have been conpletely different, IF I BROKE THE RULES, I read the official rules, And right off the bat with the winners, It says in the Offical Rules that you can use the movie as insperation, But Not derectly copy ITEMS from the movie, Now this to me and everybody I showed it to Agreed this would include The ARMOR Vlad Wore by the end of the movie!!!!!!    I don't know how to get a hold of Deviantart to ask them, but I would LOVE to have this exsplained to me!!!!    But I'm sure they won't unless they can come up with a good enough Lie!    

And to be clear I'm bitching at the people who wrote the rules not the Winner,  You guys did a Great Job!
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HollowTree15Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats :clap:
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Congrats :clap:
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Dr-Strange-Is-MeProfessional Photographer
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Dr-Strange-Is-MeProfessional Photographer
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TempestVortexStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, great job everyone! :clap: Congrats to the winners, and I hope this movie gets amazing feedback. :)
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ShadowNinjaGhostHobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats to the winners! :D
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SalmaElArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats !!! Wink and Dimples 
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These are all very awesome  
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2013Fangirl0511Student Writer
Man, you guys have some wicked skills. Love it!
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amazing entries, congrats to the winners!
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YumiMarieProfessional Traditional Artist
congrats to the winners
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ozzedethStudent Traditional Artist
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Nice work and congratulations!
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PaintedWulf1435Professional Traditional Artist
Congrats to the winners :)
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linzedaHobbyist General Artist
Nice. This was a fun contest to participate in. :)
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KizzyAnelProfessional Traditional Artist
Congrats!!! :clap:
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Please remove me from your mailing list.  I don't talk to marketing.
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These are badass!! Well done guys! :)
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You guys are certified badasses! Congratulations, you guys did awesome!
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SKYRAIN3Student Digital Artist
Amazing well done :)
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Domenique2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats :)
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