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By madizzlee

Running Towards Improvement by TheK40
Video by Keith Fenter, kfenter

In the "What Does Your Artistic Journey Look Like?" Challenge, we asked the DeviantArt community to show us their personal creative journeys. We selected 50 deviants and integrated their work into a fantastical collaborative roadway under the direction of Keith Fenter. The result: an eclectic combination of hopes, desires and achievements in the arts reflecting the core of the community that is DeviantArt.

Judges' Comments

"Here we have a clear window into this artist's journey. We get to see all the way back to his humble beginnings, struggling with drawing stick figures, up to the point where he's totally nailed line, color, and perspective. With a wonderfully clever and pleasing composition, this piece even gives us the chance to see the artist dodge an obstacle on the way down his creative road."

Judges' Comments

"Wylielise mingles both traditional and digital platforms to create a beautiful marriage of old and new, showing both in technique and illustration that there are many roads you can traverse and several ways to get there on your own artistic journey."

Judges' Comments

"This piece covers various mediums of art and shows how an artist must experiment with a variety of materials throughout their artistic journey. The composition of intricately placed details tells a story most artists can relate to."

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These are so amazing! Congratulations to the winners.
toffee-xx's avatar
ahh these are all so awesome ♥
Superveloz's avatar
I especially like the one with the cats :P but Running towards improvement is awesome
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Congrats for the winners.
RHussien's avatar
very nice , love it. and congrats to the winners ;) 
GD-Doreen-BJ's avatar
Wow this is amazing. I love the 3D effects there. Congrats again to the best 50. You all deserve to be in the Video :)
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WolfGuardian2's avatar
So well done wish that was my experience in colllege, my college years seem so bland by comparison.
cupofcats's avatar
I <3 3rd place! Really shows what is going on in an artist's head.
marviiee's avatar
omg, this is so stunning!! *-* LOVE
SirCassie's avatar
Amazing! :D

and congrats to everyone! :aww: 
TheJediClone's avatar
Congratulations to the winners !!!
ApertureKills's avatar
Pretty cool, I'll admit, but I don't agree with what Art Institute does.

You pay them a ton of money for them to tell you things you could find out online or with practice.

All it'll do is send artists that could perform on their own into debt, making their lives so much harder. Unless they're rich to start with.
MegaAnimeFreak7's avatar
Very true. I went to the one in Vancouver and dropped out in my second to last year.
Wasterbull's avatar
Much inspiration, this is amazing :D

Nothing imposible for the future artists
KumquatMascara's avatar
All the pieces, although great on their own, look AMAZING when paved together like that
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Congrats to the winners and all semi-finalists!
you really did a good job!!
faithbrier's avatar
now i wish i had finished mine.
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