Artistic Journey Challenge Semi-Finalists
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Fifty personal creative journeys—real, imagined, anticipated, and desired—will be joined into one common road through a collaboration with the DeviantArt community and The Art Institutes system of schools to demonstrate their commitment to the arts.

From the thousands of entries submitted, 50 artists and their creative journeys have been chosen to be part of an animation chronicling one common journey. These submissions have been selected by three deviant judges who are also alumni of The Art Institutes, and we thank them for their hard work.


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piebearsStudent Filmographer
This was the first contest I ever entered on DeviantArt and made it to the semi-finalists. I'm so glad for this. This is a bit late maybe, but congratulation to everyone and the winners! All of the artworks above look amazing!
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JK-atelierProfessional Traditional Artist
Hello. Where should I send my information (bank acount number) ???????????????  I'm here, betwen semy-finalists;)
Sorry for my poor english...
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Also does anyone know when they will announce the winners? I tried my best to make it good to be up there.
I wish I could win first, second or third place. But good luck to all who won the 50 final!!!  :D
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I know I have entered in my art to this contest and didn't make it. I thought I did a pretty good job on the picture. May not
be the best. I don't know how the rules go, but it has always been my dream to become a true life artist. I'm only 18. I was
a little upset that I didn't make it into the semi-finalist. But for some reason, my picture is in judging progress. Anyways, I
have worked hard to do this picture. Took me two days because I was trying my best on coloring it nicely.

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Ari-NovaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry to hear you didn't make it, but hey, There are so many different styles of art that you can just about create your own, so truly, art is something that really cant be judged but just admired. I totally like your artwork here. I'll check out your page for sure :) Not trying to be offensive but even though we are amazing in our creations, we can always be better, right? So, I think, you've done a great job. That's coming from me, a fourteen year old canadian :D Kepp at it 
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Hey. haven't been on DA for a while. sorry if I didn't reply sooner. But yea. Thanks. I am a good artists,
I just did like a really quick drawing. Couldn't come up with anything. But thanks!!!!
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Ari-NovaHobbyist Digital Artist
no problem :D
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kindasilenceProfessional Digital Artist
Well every deviation in the contest shows button 'Judging In Progress' even if it does not compete among semi finalists, and after the results are in every deviation will have a link to the journal announcing the winners. I'm sorry but your deviation is not in this journal so it's not in the semi-finalists. 
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I know. can I still enter another one? I think I can still enter. How do you get your
work in the semi-finalists?
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kindasilenceProfessional Digital Artist
The contest was over long ago. Those presented in this journal are the artworks chosen by the judges. You can still participate in other contests.  
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Ok. What other contest of DA are there XD!!!!???? 

la in love 
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SaskiaDeKorteProfessional General Artist
Oh boo, I didn't even make it in :tears:
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Spoofsfor2Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with puking rainbows, I loved the Float Up one, but the running showed truly the artistic journey and how great one becomes as they chase after their ambition. Nevertheless let us not cry over the spilled milk, I believe everyone did the best they could and had fun, I know I sure did!
Congratulations to everyone, you are all winners for being awesome enough to do it o3o and for the finalist, you all rock!
Pst~ everyone check out the charity cards for the hospitals, it's for a good cause ;3;.
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Kmii85Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulation to the winners :)
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sevenskies1990Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool ... but com'on there is better i saw better 
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PukingrainbowsArtsProfessional General Artist
 I honestly think :iconthek40: is the most deserving entry here! He really deserves to win 1st place! :)

Running Towards Improvement by TheK40
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TheK40Professional Digital Artist
Ahhhh// thank you! I'm honored you think so~
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PukingrainbowsArtsProfessional General Artist
You're very welcome ^^
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when are the results going to be announced??
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Boas senhores do júri, os 50 finalistas são muito bons. Só não entendo uma coisa, denrte estes 50 finalistas, a regra não foi cumprida a cláusula concurso declara o seguinte: "O trabalho: deve usar um dos três modelos fornecidos no local, sem alterar o tamanho ou dimensões do modelo e manter a estrada aberta. " Cerca de 10 finalistas não conseguiu cumprir essa cláusula.

Gostaria que vocês atentassem esta questão e rever o julgamento do restante do trabalho. Eu não estou encontrando o meu trabalho melhor do que todos, mas eu estou apenas observando que um dos critérios do concurso não foi cumprida na escolha dos 50 finalistas.

Agradeço sua atenção.

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jrdl30Hobbyist Artist
I am stupid because don't logo. xD
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zoltan7704Hobbyist Digital Artist
grats for the winners ...well done people! x
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