30 Best Pieces of Dark Souls Fan Art

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 Dark souls by PabloFernandezArtwrk
Dark Souls is an action RPG known for it's severe difficulty and its dark mythology. Using weapons, armor, and other items found along the way. Rather than dropping you into a plot, the game challenges you to discover the lore by exploring the many ruins across this world. No answer is easy, but the journey is entirely rewarding. Rated the greatest game of all time by David Houghton from Gamesradar, it's known to be one of the best RPGs ever made.

With the third game in the series coming out in early 2016, here's a collection of 30 of the best pieces of Dark Souls fan art from around DeviantArt!

Dark Souls 2 by ZhouJiaSheng
Bonfire by zenarion
Dark Souls - Mushroom Parent and Child by tetsuok9999 Dragonslayer Ornstein by Theocrata
Hero's Respite by IMtth
Dragon Slaying by potaski

Nito by CyeFu Dark-Souls-Fan-Art-Knight-Loutrec by MicheleGiorgi
Dark souls by PabloFernandezArtwrk
Linking the fire by Fernand0FC DARK SOULS - Elite Knight Armor by DezfezableDark Souls by jameszapata
Dark Souls by DaveRapoza
Dark Souls Pyromancy by SirTiefling Dark Souls - Pyromancer by Pizza-Surgeon
Dark souls WRB by arsenixc

DARK SOULS by Kaffeebohnson Dark Souls 2 by n3tninja

Artorias by HyperShadowX1 Second of the Lost Souls by Gillesketting
The Fate of the Cursed by DisposableD
The First of the Dead by sstarkm Raime, the Fume Knight by IcyYmir
Dark Souls - Sunset by Apachoto
The Dragonslayer by Dawnweaver13
Witch of Izalith 01 by Tim-kun066

Skin by Dan Leveille
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Oh jesus, thank you for featuring my piece among these amazing artists.