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This is Alex and she’s ready to fire! Literally!


I got this from the talented AlaxendrA for free because they sympathized with me. I am truly grateful! Thank you again! :heart:

Seriously, you should check them out! :D

Alexs Four Smallest Sizes
This are Alex’s four smallest sizes.
#1: Finger Size
#2: Size of Hand
#3: Size of Arm
#4: Larger Than the Size of a Horse
Then her next size is #5: The Earth is Just a Small Ball
(#5 has yet to be drawn, but I will have it drawn by someone someday.)


This is a commission I bought from the talented AlaxendrA! Thank you again! :heart:

Be sure to check them out! :D

Khlows Beast Form
This is my other OC, Khlow, (she goes by Khlow but her real name is Khlourren) and this is her Beast Form. She has two Forms; Human & Beast.

Khlow is Alex’s “Crow”; it’s a position on their world. A “Crow” is a personal messenger/assassin/Knight, etc. in one position. Alex, my main OC, is Khlow’s Master.


It’s a commission I got from the talented Kipine! This is the first drawing of Khlow’s Beast Form as I had yet to create her! They helped me bring my character to life! Thank you again! :heart:

You should check them out!! :D

Alexs Tattoo
This is Alex’s Dragon Form AND it’s her tattoo!

I am not the one who drew this! The talented Aramisdream did!!

✨She is GORGEOUS!✨

Angry Alex!
This is Alex’s Portrait Sketch in her Dragon Form!

I am not the one who drew this! The talented SamuraiDragon did!

She looks MAD!

Hello there!

I’ve been on DA for a few months, and I’ve seen so many amazing artists!! :D I’m an amateur compared to them! That’s why I haven’t submitted my own art yet!! I’m quite self conscious about it to be honest... When I get better I’ll submit some of my own!! :)

I’m more of a writer at the moment! I’m starting my own book! And when I say starting, I literally mean I just started!! XP I do, however, write fan fiction on a normal basis!!

I go back and forth between my writing and my drawing.



I’m getting a job soon, but not a very high paying one. It’s minimum wage. ALL of the money I make will be going towards a car, an apartment and normal everyday needs like toiletries, groceries, etc.

My mother wants me to be independent and move out as soon as possible. She wants me to be a responsible woman. I know, she loves me.

But I won’t be getting ANY financial help from family. And I don’t have any friends, so that’s out and doesn’t help.

So either I take a VERY LONG break from drawing, which might be between a year or two, or I beg people for money. It’s a no-brainer. No matter how bad I am, I love to draw. I’ve been drawing since I’ve been able to hold a pencil. Seriously. I mean, I wouldn’t call those “drawings” at the beginning, but at least I tried back then. I was terrible, but I’ve come a long way. I draw EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN DAY. And I’m not about to stop. At least, I don’t want to nor do I need to.

But I’m gonna have to.

I’m already struggling to keep on buying sketch books and paper and pencils and all that good stuff.

So I’ve been researching. Drawing tablets. The best thing invented since the COMPUTERS. I’ve found the one I want, did a lot of research on it. Everything about it is amazing...except the price.

Then I tell myself to give up on it. That I don’t HAVE that kind of money. But imagine, just imagine, all the great things I’ll be able to do on it. Not only that, but it’ll save me money in the long run. A whole lot. I won’t HAVE to buy sketch pads and paper and pencils and all that other stuff anymore.

I mean, I can.

I can go traditional every once in a while. Because sometimes, nothing beats having an actual pencil and paper in your hands. It’s a nostalgic felling, really.  

Back to my main point here.

I need your help.

The tablet I want is $500! I don’t have that kind of money!! T^T


My fellow artists...

Help my pitiful self...…


I know my situation doesn’t sound bad to normal people. But to ME this is FRIGHTENING!!!!



Not a day goes by where I don’t do one of them...

Any amount will help me greatly!!

I also want to prove to my mother that artists stick with each other and help each other out!!

She says it’s a waste of time to ask.


I love you all!! Forever and always!!!

Thank you for your time,


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Quick! Before they catch me!

My hobbies are drawing, listening to music, watching anime/reading manga, reading fanfics, and writing. I write fan fictions and am working on a book. To be honest, I am an amateur in drawing.


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