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Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
A wanna-be writer that draws a lot of cute stuff

Requests are forever closed
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Commissions are open


[CHA] Flower mouse
Botany pet extra credit :star:

I really want a pet that's tiny enough to be carried around, so I drew a dandelion in the shape of a mouse - the main body is already fluffy, but it's butt is still the yellow flower haha
Mishi would really really not wanna turn it in to Aubrey lol
[CHA] sneaky add on + botany ec
Mishi in his sneaking around outfit, tho the expression isn't exactly what I wanted it to be :/

I'll put the written extra credits for botany here, since it's related, but if that's not alright I'll resubmit them as a journal or something :star:

Oh Beehive
we played this out as a prompt, so I'll stick with what I rolled then
Mishka generally liked bees - they worked really hard and died if they had to defend themselves. Today he concluded he liked them only from a distance. And oh did he stay at a distance - the agressive buzzing overpowered Mishka's trust in the beekeeping equipement they were given and he ended up curled up next to the greenhouse wall for the rest of the activity, coughing quietly. It was probably fine anyway. He was sick, and noone wanted coughed on honey, did they?

Trampled Tigerlilys
Mishi found it hard to believe one of them would come stomp on flowers. Maybe, if it was a normal botany club, it wouldn't be such a stretch. But one of the first things they learned was to talk to the plants, and half the time they answered, in their own, flower way. So by now Mishi thought of them more as slightly strange pets than as simple plants. Not that he could be sure that was the case with everyone....
But he could be sure in his own innocence, and just kept repeating that, and how he was in his dorm all night last night when asked, as quietly and calmly as ever. 
Aubrey wasn't so unreasonable, so Mishi believed he'd realize he was on the wrong trail and let them go. Or turn into a plant monster and turn them into plant food. 
But probably not, that was a secret, wasn't it. 
Yes, they'd be fine. Mishi started spacing out, holing up into a little world of his own while he waited the situation out.
Guess who got back into Elsword :star:
Someone come play with me I'm sick of doing dungeons alone LOL
Also the secret dungeons are like impossible to do alone and I wanna transcend so :/

Commissions are open \owo/
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Note or email me at to order 
payment trough commission widget on my page, or paypal invoice
regular commissions are also open

Currently only chibi or semi-chibi style is available

Crybaby by madichams [Demon bab] by madichams One of many by madichams Baa and Yugo by madichams

Full character design is $22 / 2200:points: 
Outfit design for an existing character is $17 / 1700:points:
Redesigning an old character is $20 / 2000:points:

Additional outfits add $10-$15 / 1000-1500:points: to the price, depending on how complex they are

I won't accept orders for:
  • sex
  • fetish art
  • realistic portraits
  • things that make me uncomfortable

I will accept orders for:
  • any gender/species
  • myo slots
  • fan characters for existing works
  • characters for rp groups
  • pretty much anything

How to order

For outfit design:

Please tell me
  • your oc's name, age, gender, a bit about their personality and backstory
  • the fashion style you'd like the outfit to be in (if any)
  • what kind of colours/elements you want implemented 
        even something like "I want there to be a pink accent element" or "add lots of floral patterns" is fine - be as detailed or as vague as you want :star:
  • is there anything you want me to avoid

For full character design:

Please tell me
  • The character's name, age, gender, a bit about their personality and backstory
        name, age, gender and backstory are optional, but please know at least a few of your oc's personality traits
  • the kind of world they live in (if any)
  • the fashion style you'd like them to have (if any)
  • any detials you have in mind 
        this can be their colour scheme, their eye colour, hair style, any symbols you want in their design, tattoos, scars, etc...
        even something like "I want lots of frills" or "they should be dressed very girly" will do - be as vague or detailed as you like :star:
  • is there anything you want me to avoid

For old character redesign:

The same things as for a full design apply, but please also mention how much of the original design you want me to keep, what elements should stay the same, what should be changed, etc...

Terms of service:

By ordering a commission you're agreeing to these terms

I requre the payment before starting work on the commission
I use either paypal invoices or the commission widget on my page to accept payment
Refunds are available only if I haven't started work on the commission

Small stuffed animals and objects like a purce or a book do not count as additional characters, and thus are free.
Stuffed animals the size of the character or with a lot of detail, animals and creatures like pokemon do count as additional characters and will be charged

Every additioonal character will increase the commission price with half of the original price

If the refrence you give me is unclear or has mistakes that carry over to the commission, I will not fix it afterwords
Please specify if something in the refrence is incorrect or you want done differently
I will edit a finished commission only if the mistake is entirely mine

You will recieve the sketch and the flat colours before your commission is finished. After you've approved both of these, I won't be making any changes to the final drawing

The commission may be of your character(s) but the drawing itself is my property and you cannot claim otherwise. You cannot remove my signature or edit the piece without my premmission. You can repost it on other sites (if I haven't posted it myself there) but you must credit me for it and link back to my page
I keep the right to the artwork and can use it to promote myself, in my portfolio or for commission examples
The character might be your, but the design is still mine, and I ask you credit me for it whenever you draw/get commissions of them

Ask me about commercial use

very special note: if I watch you, or your skill is on a similar level to mine, you can ask about a design trade :star:

I keep my right to refuse a request for one reason or another

:star: That's all :star:

[CHA] In the dream
Literature final featuring Yui as a ferret (ermine actually, but mishi doesn't know that) :star:
The thing Mishi 'build' was a collar from string and cloth, but I couldn't get that to look right. I'll post it later with a bunch of other poses and compositions I drew before I zeroed in on this one.
This was supposed to be one of many floating islands, and the dream ended when Mishka threw furry Yui to another one lol

hc/rp proof

Mishi's take away from the dream:
Unfortunately sleeping in the same room as multiple other people doesn't mean you'll all share a dream, even in a cursed school. He's honestly kind of dissapointed about that.
But dreaming of not being sick and chasing around a cute animal put him at ease. Even if the cute animal ended up scholding him, and being someone he knows. He really wasn't that surprised it's Yui lol
Afterwords Mishi just left a note on the mistery desk about it. Not that he doesn't want to talk about it, or that it bothers him, he just hasn't been out and talking to people enough to share. That, and weird lucid dreams aren't a topic that arises naturally. 
He wishes he could go back to that dream place honestly. He wanted to do more things - make an improvised slingshot and go to another island, or play with the marbles, but he woke up before he could :c
It was still a very fun experience though :star:

Assignment given by :iconcutie-banana:
Yui belongs to :iconfuyukiru:
Mishi's mine uwu

Commissions are open \owo/
Some chibi ychs are open ouo/
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Hi! I noticed this user has one of your YCH's and was wondering if you were aware?
madichams Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Student Interface Designer
hello owo/
Uh, I couldn't find anything that's mine on their page, if you could link directly to the drawing, I'd appreciate that ^^'
n-oxxy Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Hobbyist Writer… this should work, if not I can grab a screenshot with lightshot or something. basically this artist posted your little writer ych (the one with a feather pen atop a book) and was auctioning it off. I recalled it right away being yours and was trying to double check that that you posted it. 
madichams Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Thank you very much for telling me :heart:
madichams Featured By Owner Edited Jun 22, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Ah yes this is mine. It even seems like someone bought it orz
I'll make an account in that site and message them

edit: making an account's kinda annoying and I can't seem to message them, so I just reported the auction. Hopefully that'd be enough to take it down ovo
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