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Shen 2019-2020

By MadiBlitz
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Still dislike his name, but nothing else seems to stick...

Quick compile of his new design, needed to de-clutter whatever it was I had from half a year ago. Redesigned his rifle, I might post the designs I had previously. Featuring a teaser of Daichi's new design as well cuz I hated his colour combo.

I had a side and back view but haven't had time to work on them between class and work, sorry
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that design is fantastic! I'm so jealous, I always have problems with drawing or designing guys :(
MadiBlitz's avatar
Thank you! I definitely don't draw guys enough heh, they do feel harder to design, I just make sure to show off as much of their skin as I do with my females =P
ThePudding-DA's avatar
Drawn fantasticly! 
xXsailorXxXpainterXx's avatar
His design reminds me of Sasuke.
Shen-fn-Woo's avatar
Dislike his name huh? 

*cracks knucks*
MadiBlitz's avatar
Aha, should've worded that better... I just feel it doesn't suit him, might give him an english name instead
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ohh his gun looks sick!
Kare-Chikin's avatar

Shen!! We missed him!

MadiBlitz's avatar
Yeah Im always so reluctant to post him =(
Kare-Chikin's avatar

Dont feel like that May! You do a great job on him o vo)9

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your designs are perfection as alaawayys
MadiBlitz's avatar
Ah thank you ~
sh8dneji's avatar
interesting, seems like shen is more of a sniper in this version. like the chibi, keep up the good work. 
MadiBlitz's avatar
Yeah, I got tired of the ninja type characters always using small dual weapons, plus lately I've really been into designing larger weapons heh
sh8dneji's avatar
as they say, Bigger is better. keep up the good work.
Wolf-fang4's avatar
Looks like a lot of thought was put in this. I give it a 11/10
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