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.A Necessary Step...

One of my fav scenes from MK Legacy, the deadly snowball fight...

Practicing lighter toned scenes and stuff. This one kept trying to go all realistic on me during painting so it took a while to just to try to fix that to my likings.

-Done in PaintTool SAI

Scorpion, Sub Zero (c) NRS/Legacy movie producers
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Say what you want about MK Legacy itself, Scorpion and Sub-Zero's Season 1 designs are probably my favorite out of all the costumes they've ever had.  Scorpion actually had a pretty good samurai look with his mask, and Sub-Zero looked like a mix between a ninja and a Mongol warrior, which I think suits him (and the Lin Kuei as a whole, really) well.

Season 2 Sub-Zero on the other hand...really?  Fucking motocross gear?

Anyway, nice piece.  You captured the mood of that scene perfectly.
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agreed <3 i seriously hope season 1 outfits can become alt skins one day.
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hey cool the mortal kombat x collectors edition version of scorpion :D
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How did I miss this one madblitz? I never saw All of MK Legacy but I like this!
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I adore this so much, I need it to be a T-Shirt.
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nice drawing. i love this kind of pictures, an epic fight pic , and your love for ninjas has grown up a lot..........

but i have a question, why did you stop making cosplays??? i mean, you had an excelent jill valentine cosplay and you were making a raiden cosplay. right?

anyway, congrats :D
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Started getting creepers, grew out of it and its just not my thing anymore
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hahaha i know what you mean , in my case, i had to be patient (really patient, as to not break anything), music helps a lot, everything is about patience.

and again, congrats, keep like that :)
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Awesome work here
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really well made man
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Fantastic drawing! *_*
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Do you´ve any special brush? :3
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In PaintTool SAI, only the Pencil and Marker tools :)
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Just one epic fight and I should be happy. XD

Epic as always! :D
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indeed :nod:
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