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Now I understand why she's cutemark is a bubbles :D
THIS is what I see when I consider how she got that Cutie Mark...!!
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Like a penguin, she flies more elegantly in the water.  :3
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Puts her cutie mark in a whole new light! I love this.
SilverWolfEye's avatar
Awww, amazing! I love this style <3
TheEvstar's avatar
I love that divers mask!! That's so cool!! ^^
MidnightFire1222's avatar
i always imagine her as quite the capable swimmer. She looks very pretty here.
vindurza's avatar
she seems to be right in her element
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Derpy is Best Seapony
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Годно, но по моему задние ноги выглядят уж слишком тонко. И вроде бы даже не в тенях проблема.
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How can I fave this more than once ?   Holy Luna this is a delight to behold, she looks like she is so at one within her element 
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Beautiful, just beautiful. You've captured the shape of the mlp body shape so well, everything is perfectly proportioned which can be difficult when using different poses. Amazing! 
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I just saw that the number of bubbles on the CM is wrong.

Shalt thou count to Seven. No more. No less. Seven shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be Seven. Eight shalt thou not count, neither count thou Six, excepting that thou then proceed to Seven. Nine is right out. Once at the number Seven, being the seventh number to be reached, then, the Holy Cutie Mark is right.
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Just went thumbing through the "Book of Armaments" and didn't see this here  
Love how you brought this through  XD 
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Loving the small details, like how the goggle strap interacts with her mane.
Dev-i's avatar
Very graceful 
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I remember reading a fanfic that had Derpy turn out to be an expert swimmer and that's what her cutie mark meant
I did...…

Time for something completely different. “Now, about your Cutie Mark. Lots of curiosity about that.”

“Mmmm. I can see that,” she said in a matter of fact manner. “Every pony it seems has all told some ridiculous story about it. I’ve heard about blowing bubbles, playing with bubble wrap, all sorts of silly things.”

“We have, too.” The list was long and imaginative, and only a few were frankly obscene. “Want to set the record straight?” he asked with a smile.

She went along with it, trying to be helpful. “It’s simple. I swim. A lot.”

“Swimming?” Slug Line asked, surprised. That one was NOT on the list.

“Sure. I started when I was very young. I found out swimming was a LOT like flying. In fact, I could swim really fast by just using my wingtips, and I could turn, surface, and dive just like some fish. After I figured out how to hold my breath for a long time, I could just swim and swim and swim…and it helps my flying, too, because it keeps my wings very strong, and I can control my breathing just so. Then one day, ‘POOF’ there were bubbles back there!”

“Do you still swim?” Slug Line asked, intrigued in spite of himself.

“Every chance I get, but not as much as I’d like,” Derpy said. “I have a family nowadays.”

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Теперь я знаю, что такое "судно на подводных крыльях". :)
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