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DeltashockOmnihorn's avatar
Can I has context?   ...or is this just a poor pun? 
SilverwolvesForever's avatar
MadHotaru has never been one to have any context to their drawings, lol
DeltashockOmnihorn's avatar
Well thats a bummer 
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
whats with the coffins???
DoughnutJoe's avatar
With no known cure for cutie pox, swift burial of the dead is essential to control an outbreak. :)
adeptus-monitus's avatar
Четыре маленьких гробика? оО Меткоискателям в полном составе пришёл трындец?((
MadHotaru's avatar
Кому-то кажется что это шоколадки, так что может быть и шоколадки. Гигантские Эверфри-шоколадки. 
BlizzardLight's avatar
Кому-то серьезно так кажется? -_-
adeptus-monitus's avatar
так как мысль об смсках меня не покидает, то теперь кажется что это шоколадки с ними внутри, ужс...
KopaLeo's avatar
I think equine coffins should be a lot wider. 
I should try designing equine coffins. Maybe griffon coffins, too.
Veteran1972's avatar
Recycling at the base level.
AaronMk's avatar
Looting graves, or delivering for the freshly dead?
Digoraccoon's avatar
Very cute... yeah I thought those were chocolate bars too. XD
Crusadier's avatar
For when you want to ... go out in style ;)
OldTeaOwl's avatar
Боюсь предположить, зачем ей целая тележка гробов..
P.s. но выглядит она с ними вполне мило) 
Lvnnkartistries's avatar
i'll take them all pls :v
SnapCentino's avatar
I choose to interpret the sunny sky and slight smile as indication that some great disaster has just been averted, and so we don't need all those coffins.
RobbieCave's avatar
uugh, what is she up to with thoe coffins?
Dadjoke-Ness's avatar
Bring out your dead! 
Bring out your dead! 
bbasco2's avatar
I'm not dead yet!
vindurza's avatar
it's a living well for her not the customers
bbasco2's avatar
The coffin business is lively!

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