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The Surmise

By MadHotaru
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This was a rather sweat series and I would to see this continued.
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I love this artwork
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why i am feeling than those two are talking bullshit of her?
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I ask that this be continued one day. It's so wonderful.
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someone should do a fan fic on this
Great zacora you gave her clothes 😒 oi
kolbaski's avatar
is that scence from a fanfic??
jonadiah's avatar
Love this style, Zecora looks like a serious Badass!
Awesome work!
look, a distraction! *flails frantically*
MlpSonicFlashOfDoom's avatar
Wait, If your putting out wanted poster...Shouldn't you add more then just her cutie mark?

Overal great, lovely photo. Amazing 
Chessypufferfish's avatar
Aren't ponies all supposed to have different ones? Maybe that's why...
I don't know.
MlpSonicFlashOfDoom's avatar
True.. Never mind my previous comment then 
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Zecora: " odd that this be, that that mare seem quite odd to me?"

O.o!  you can't hide anything from Zecora...she'll know!!
OnlyDidItCuzICan's avatar
How many more drawings before this storyline backfires bigtime?
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To see the world in rose tinted glasses...
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she seen normal now.
I've been wanting to see more of these two.
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Don't do it Zecora! Don't turn them in!
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