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*spits out tea*
-meanwhile in brain-
"why are the CMC using a jerry vehicle,darn....hope I don't need to use a PIAT on them"
facistbrony's avatar
Cutie Mark Ethnic Cleansers?
Janoman96's avatar
i can tottaly inmagen those 3 doing sanfing like that!!
alexwarlorn's avatar
Princess Rarity, "How did our families get involved in this insanity?" 
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Sweetie Belle: "We were drafted. Don't know how that's even legal....but it happened."
MuddyFudger's avatar
Can we have a PanzerCutieWagen? 
Cr0non's avatar
NSU Kettenkrad :D (Big Grin) 
R36ULAR-6UY's avatar
Half motercycle, half jeep/HUMVEE thing, half half track!
kitsychan's avatar
SdKfz 2, Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 or Kettenkrad.  

You see one in saving private Ryan.  

They were used for scouts, laying cable,  aircraft tractors, light cargo haulers,  light artillery tractors,  generally, wanted something pulled or carried, but didn't wanna use a big truck to do it, call a ketten
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Cutie Mark Forward Observation Unit, YAY!
MercerBloodKiller's avatar
CMC gone modern.
Ima go get mah Barrett c:
Steam-Legion's avatar
Modern? That's a SdKfz 2. From WORLD WAR 2. Those things are obsolete now.
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i really dont get it, but i still love it
DrMarathon's avatar
Oh yeah I love this.
Marblemagic's avatar
what the hell is that?
iIsMe95's avatar
It appears to be some sort of mobile observation/communication post. The design of it suggests German, around World War 2.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
It IS inspired from a WW2 German vehicle. See [link]
Helsaabi's avatar
I really like it! :D
Wow! This is awesome!
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I like it, only wouldn't Sweetie Belle be a better radio operator?

And a steel rain shall follow in their wake.
RailPegasus's avatar
I can see this happening
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