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I miss them

By MadHotaru
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I have no words...
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at least she's not a jerry
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Nice rendering work
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they say a picture paints a thousand words, yours scream thousands, many of them just out ear shot making my brain strain to hear them.
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Wow... this is really sad - and powerful.
Good job.
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I love the textures! Those names on the guns help to alleviate the lethargy a bit...and also "Hi mom!"
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You suck, and this hurts. It took a second and then it hit me. Nicely done. Not I must go cry.
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Looks amazing, if not... depressing.
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The coloring and the details in this piece are so amazing! Clap 
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Aww. Sweetie Bell and Applebloom must've died in the line of duty :(
Or, you know, Scoots joined then war were declared. Now she's out killing while her friends are back home worried sick.
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Yeah, that's a good theory too.
Yeah... I typed that before I saw that she etched their names into her weapons. You only really do that as a way for you to get revenge for your friends.
So they can kill after death.
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Yeah, I figured that.
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WHOA! Such emotion!
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Gorgeous textures on all the objects. Love the guns "Sweetie Bang" and "Apple Boom." :D
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