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All's right in the world

By MadHotaru
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You don't live in the Everfree if you aren't willing to accept some scrapes and bruises. :)
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Is that Zecora? What happened to her? Why's she injured?
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one sees the super!
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Ahh man, Zecora is my favourite secondary character, and looking at her this hurt breaks my heart...
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She's clearly survived a lot.
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Yay, more Zecora art! She deserves more love. :)
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You do wonderfully with all of your characters. I really do like them.
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Battle scarred, almost.
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I'm digging that mane!!
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Zecora's so beautiful!
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Доллар 85.
All's right indeed.
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Wonderful Zecora!
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that. style. is. absolutely. epic.
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Can't stand on left front leg. 
"It's all right."

I see what you did there.
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'Been wrestling with a timberwolf pack, I see...
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Что? Поне не в профиль? И даже не 3/4? Вот это да
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Zecora has some nasty scars and a broken foreleg(?).
If this is "All's right with the world", I don't think I want to see it when everything goes pear-shaped!

Maybe she got in a fight?

I can just imagine Zecora's rhyming couplet:
All is right by-the-by,
Just look and see the other guy!
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Interesting that she's got all the same injuries my earth pony in an RP has. Everything was alright in that world too. :)

Love the way you do her mane. 
You made Zecora look so pretty!
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