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The Dragons Guard

This is another concept with the orb A start on the idea that Oma and Twisted came up with I think it still needs alot of work but this is the beggings of it. Now it has OMA'S broarder
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Awesome dragon, faving definitely!!
the1Simbul's avatar
I added this one to my Fav. I love dragons, and you did a wonderful job with this piece.
Madhatterl7's avatar
cool glad you like it and thanks for the comment and the kind words about this peice. Thanks again and welcome do D.a. AND pdn
81MM's avatar
This is an awesome piece! Great use of different parts to make one heck of a captivating piece :thumbsup:
Madhatterl7's avatar
thank you very much and thanks for the comments
CNewo's avatar
Great work man, looks awesome.
Madhatterl7's avatar
cool glad you like it thanks for the comment
Sweetnut's avatar
OMG!!! that is like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome
Madhatterl7's avatar
cool thanks for the comment awsome
Panhead4224's avatar
Thats amazing, did you make the dragon, or find it
Madhatterl7's avatar
well I found the pic on the internet then hand drew it and scaned it into the computer sadly the Dragon original is not mine. I wish I knew who it was so I could give credit
0-ASH-0's avatar
Pretty cool, the hand and the dragon from stock image? or did you make em? :)
Madhatterl7's avatar
and thanks for the comment by the way
Madhatterl7's avatar
The Dragon I Hand drew and scanned from a pic i found on the net some time ago and the hand is my own
0-ASH-0's avatar
You draw the dragon? Cool! Can you post the scaned dragon too? I'd love to see it.
And it's a chinese dragon! :D
Me likes.
Madhatterl7's avatar
Yeah sure thing I will do that soon as I get home after thanksgiveing
TwistedWhiskers's avatar
Hey Hey, You have been busy and this is looking awesome, I love it you have done a excellent job, love the hand and the dragon and of course that orb. Excellent!! =D
Madhatterl7's avatar
thanks twisted like I said that one was for you and OMA
verndewd's avatar
That orb is exceptional bujt that greedy damn dragon is hiding too much of it. Was he adopted?
Madhatterl7's avatar
Yeah I adopted him from a unwanted parent
omagrandmother's avatar
forgot to say that hand is so subtle great depth.

once again, I'm so impressed. I want to know how you did that dragon.
Madhatterl7's avatar
Well thanks Oma that means alot to me that you like it. Sadlly the dragon is not mine. I found the pic on the internet and just hand drew it into pdn. I wish I knew the original artist so I could give them credit for it. Yeah I added the hand after the fact. Im glad you like the hand I was debating on that for sometime but it looked to plain without something.
omagrandmother's avatar
oh yes the hand really adds to this. the dragon is fierce but the hand makes you realize there is a higher power sort of thing. truly awesome. I do a bit more highlight in behind the hand just the slightest touch to show it a bit more other than that this is A++++

add another + if you get some sort of flames frame. LOL! you know me and frames.
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