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Sanguinius Secundus
Sanguinius Secundus
Time has not been kind to the Sons of Sanguinius.  Once seen as the most blessed of the Emperor’s legions, they are now viewed with fear and mistrust by the citizens of the Imperium.  Ever since the Horus Heresy and the loss of their primarch, the Blood Angels have struggled to live with genetic flaw that has curse them right up to the present day.
For centuries the Blood Angels have been attempting to track down the Lamenters in order to study their pure gene-seed.  With the return of the Emperor, the lost loyal Primarchs, and the resurrection of Lion El’Jonson and Roboute Guilliman, they have redoubled their efforts to get a hold of the only stable genetic stock of the Angel of Blood.
Eventually, they find the Lamenters and study their gene-seed.  Finding it to be almost perfectly pure and without flaw, the Blood Angels rejoice at the chance to finally rid themselves of the genetic curse that has plagued the sons o
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Ferrus Manus Resurrectus
Ferrus Manus Resurrectus
With the Emperor newly risen from the Golden Throne, the Iron Hands have renewed their quest to remove all weakness from the Imperium with fanatical zeal.  They strive to perfect themselves in preparation for the day when He will return to Medusa.
It is not long before the Emperor does come to visit Medusa.  When He arrives, He gathers the ten companies of the Iron Hands and informs them that He intends to find Land of Shadows, the fabled lost land of the ancients.  The Iron Hands give him all the information they have regarding the location of the fabled region and pledge to accompany Him in His quest.  The Emperor declines their aid, preferring instead to conduct the search on his own.  For many months the Emperor of Mankind scoured the planet searching for the Land of Shadows.  Finally, He came upon a great cave that plunged deep into the planets surface.  Here, deep within the planet
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A-Team 40K
A-Team 40K
10 years ago a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Imperial underground. Today, still wanted by the Imperium, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.
10 years ago, the Ordo Xenos assigned an Inquisitor named Morrison to investigate rumors of an alien cult in the Ionah system.  Upon arriving in the system, Morrison discovered that not only did the cult exist, but they were planning an armed uprising against the Imperium.  Morrison sent the word out for aid and was authorized to assemble several Deathwatch kill-teams in order to purge the planet of the alien threat.
With his teams assembled, Morrison ordered them to assault the headquarters of the alien cult and remove the Xenos infestation.  The battle was long and h
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The Burning Curse
The Burning Curse
The great firebending master Jeong Jeong trained many powerful firebenders in his long and illustrious career.  Many of these would rise to great fame (or infamy) in their own right.  Of these, there was one firebender whose power rose above all others, a firebender whose power rivaled even that of Avatar Roku.  His name was Kisho.
Long ago, when Jeong Jeong was still a prominent General, he was renowned throughout the Fire Nation as a great teacher.  One day, an old man from the provinces came to him with an infant boy wrapped in cloth.  The boy was his son and he begged the general to take him, for the child was cursed.  His wife had died giving fiery birth to the child, and the infant’s first cries of life sent flames across the entire village, burning it to the ground.  The superstitious villagers formed a mob and wanted to kill the child to appease the spirits.  To save his son
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Tenzin – Warrior of the Air
For centuries the Air Nomads preached a philosophy of nonviolence.  In recent times, however, the younger generation of Air Nomads could not stand by and watch the Fire Nation set the world ablaze.  A split began to form within the ranks of the surviving Air Nomads.  On one side was the older generation, who wanted to remain true to the ancient ways and live in peace and anonymity.  On the other side was the younger generation, who wanted to fight back and reclaim their homes.
Tenzin was one of the most gifted of this new generation of airbenders.  In the old days, for an airbender to earn his tattoos and the title of master, he had to pass the 36 levels of airbending and create a new airbending technique.  Necessity demanded that the Air Nomads do away with the tattoos long ago.  Tenzin, an airbending prodigy at 16, became the second youngest person ever to earn the rank of master af
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En Chang Kuei
En Chang Kuei – Agent of the Dai Li
Even in his earliest childhood days in Ba Sing Se, En Chang Kuei was known as a misfit.  He could always be counted on to get into some kind of trouble.  Stealing, picking pockets, running cons on the street, it seemed he was destined for a life of crime.  The truth was much deeper than that.  En always detested the city’s preference for order and security over freedom and expression and rebelled any way he could.  He delighted in giving city officials as much grief as possible.
What people were quick to dismiss about En was his intelligence.  He possessed a natural gift for earthbending.  He attended Ba Sing Se University, graduating with honors and surprising everyone in his old neighborhood.  As he grew older, En swore to do whatever he could to get out of the city and make a life for him self elsewhere.  He had heard that Omashu wasn’t nearly
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Fate of the Airbenders
Avatar: Fate of the Airbenders
The fate of the Airbenders is widely believed to be a closed matter.  When Firelord Sozin began the War of Fire, his first campaign was to purge the Air Nomads from the world.  Popular belief holds that the Airbenders and their traditions have been lost to the world.  Rumors persist, however, that a few of Air Nomads survived Sozin’s purges and live on in secret.  Most people dismiss these rumors as the fanciful musings of wishful thinkers.  They are wrong.
The Airbenders did indeed survive the slaughter of Sozin’s Purge.  Only a precious few managed to escape – barely over a hundred, but their incredible mobility and speed allowed the Air Nomads from the four Air Temples to converge and move as a single unit.  For fifty years the Air Nomads lived in hiding as fugitives, always staying just one step ahead of the Fire Nation and their hunters.  Eventually, the Fi
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The Godzilla Bros Ultra Fight - Gomess by Snake151 The Godzilla Bros Ultra Fight - Gomess :iconsnake151:Snake151 64 10 The Godzilla Bros REDUX - Gigan (Final) by Snake151 The Godzilla Bros REDUX - Gigan (Final) :iconsnake151:Snake151 99 9 The Godzilla Bros REDUX - Mechagodzilla 2 by Snake151 The Godzilla Bros REDUX - Mechagodzilla 2 :iconsnake151:Snake151 113 7 GODZILLA LEGACY - Godzilla by SeaGuns96 GODZILLA LEGACY - Godzilla :iconseaguns96:SeaGuns96 244 25 indoraptors by negsmuffin indoraptors :iconnegsmuffin:negsmuffin 53 0 PlanetGoji by plaguebr PlanetGoji :iconplaguebr:plaguebr 176 4 the last fight by TheFearMaster the last fight :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 178 4 30 min speedpaint by TheFearMaster 30 min speedpaint :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 214 11 Good Hunter by TheFearMaster Good Hunter :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 221 12 Earth controlled by intellichine by JamesCombridge Earth controlled by intellichine :iconjamescombridge:JamesCombridge 246 9 Planetary Cannons by behindspace99 Planetary Cannons :iconbehindspace99:behindspace99 287 16 this looks like my favorite toy, mom! by TheFearMaster this looks like my favorite toy, mom! :iconthefearmaster:TheFearMaster 221 7 LonnaMansonII14 by BillMoisuk
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Hey everybody!

Hope you all had a happy new year.  I know I kinda disappeared for a little while.  Too much partying and getting back to work.  Anyway, just wanna let you know what I'm up to.  

I've really gotten into Warhammer 40K in the last few weeks.  I read the Ultramarines Omnibus last week, took it down in 4 days and am now working on the Space Wolves Omnibus.  Great stuff, I keep hearing that the Gaunt's Ghosts books are the best, so I'll get to them next.  I'm working on my take on Sanguinius right now and its really slow going, but it'll be up soon.

Now I know most of my readers seem to like my Avatar pieces the best, so I'll ask you guys for some inspiration.  I'm currently stuck with the Water Tribe.  I've been trying to come up with some ideas for water tribe characters, but nothing seems to be jumping out at me.  If you've got a cool story hook, or character idea, please let me know.  I could use the inspiration!

I'm also working on something I call 'Word Art'.  It'll make sense when you see it.  Basically, artists paint a picture with paint, I want to do the same with words so the picture will show in your mind's eye.  No back story, no history, just an image captured in words.

Thanks for being patient with me, I'll do my best not to disappoint!
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