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The Romance of The Day by MadHatter10-6 The Romance of The Day :iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 1 0
Shattered: Chap 3
All is fair...
A soft breeze blew into the bedroom on the second floor as two forms stood in each other’s arms. It would of made such a sweet picture..if one wasn’t dripping wet and in her birthday suit.
That fact alone made Alice blush even more, if that was possible. "Hatter?..If you wouldn’t mind?" She tightened her grip on his shirt, not letting him go.
Richard had a wide smile on his face, lost in a dreamy world of his own until her slightly irritated voice snapped him out of it. "What? Oh uh..Of course..." He slid one slim clockwork gloved hand down her back and intentionally missed her nice shapely behind by mere fractions of a centimeter. Picking up the fluffy towel from the floor he wrapped it around her shoulders while she still hung in his arms. "Here you are, love..." He said setting her back down until her feet touched the floor again.
"Thank you." She quickly took the towel and wrapped it around her body. Too many things happened in such a short tim
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 13 35
Shattered: Chap 2
Are you the dreamer….
The Hatter always had a hundred thoughts rattling around in the loose screws of his clockwork mind. Now of course was no different. Only this time he had a hundred thoughts of just one subject matter...Alice.
He plunged though the dresser mirror and was back in Wonderland as his feet hit the rough cobblestone path.  He made his way quickly to his home and was far to preoccupied to notice a rather large white blur headed straight for him. As he walked his long leg abruptly hit something soft as he stumbled over into the grass.
"What the...?!?!"  He yelped, as something was moving under his legs. The Hatter  lifted one up and noticed the White Rabbit had made the dreadful mistake of getting in his way.
The poor disheveled rabbit quickly placed his hat, which was now crushed and torn over his long ears and checked his oversized pocket watch. "Are you late for a date, too?" He huffed and quickly stuffed the clock into his suit
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 14 42
Shattered: Chap 1
Alice and the realm of Wonderland have both recovered from the damage the Naaxia had done. And although neither are perfect life has somewhat returned to normal. Or at least as normal as one can get when you have a bizarre world like Wonderland just beyond the looking glass.
Life for Alice has gotten better since her experience. Her Aunt Anna is no longer the tormentor that she once was. And even though she does check up on Alice from time to time. She no longer tries to rule over every aspect of her life. Leaving Alice more time to herself and her beloved Hat Maker.
But life isn’t going to be so rosy for long when plans to rebuild the ruins of the Queens castle begin, and a forgotten cell in the dungeon is opened by accident. And releases a being that may just put a damper on things in a big way. And may bring an end to Alice and the Mad Hatter's relationship once and for all!
A secret, kept from all the rest, betw
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 15 35
Reflections Epilog
It was another beautiful day in the estate where Alice lived in with her aunt Anna. The smell of the delicious lunch was drifting slowly up to her bedroom, as she sat in front of her mirror brushing her hair. The young woman in a dark blue dress smiled and tapped a glass jar sitting in front of her. There was a red dragonfly in it: Her new pet. Or at least it looked like a dragonfly. The little creature seemed very angry as it bumped its head into the glass over and over. Alice just smiled and grabbed the dark eye-liner and looked to the mirror.
The looking glass above her dresser shown her reflection back at her as the sun shined into her window. A green form slowly appeared in the mirror and smiled.  A thin gloved hand pushed through to her world just long enough to slip a small rose into her hair, before vanishing once again.
Accepting the rose with a sweet smile on her face. Her cheeks turned pink slightly as she placed the rose on the shelf, and left the room t
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 7 43
Reflections Chap 19: Finale
In the reflection…
It was a dark room with only a hint of soft light coming from a few scattered scented candles. It was rather difficult to tell if the colors were really back to their original places after the Naaxia's defeat or not. The Mad Hatter was now laying a large comfortable bed. He had been asleep for a long time. Or had he? He wasn’t sure if he was still snoozing at his tea table waiting for Alice to return, or someplace else.
It was alright... She loved to watch him sleep. Running a gentle hand into the dark blond mess of his hair. She smiled almost coldly and remained beside him, pecking a kiss on his large nose. Her skin was looking even paler with the soft light in the room.
The Hatter slept as his clock gear clicked away in the darkness with a faint tick tock sound, like a distant heartbeat. His clothes were like new again and his damage repaired. His usual long checkered hat was sitting beside him. He grunted a little as his yellow eyes opened par
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 12 42
Reflections Chap 18
What is within is without.
Simon stood up and watched the Hatter’s demise with an evil grin on his face. "About time. He was getting annoying..." He turned his head towards Alice. "You see? Your clockwork friend is nothing! Just a broken toy..." The lash of barbed wire the Hatter had broken wound back in place as Simon folded his arms.  
Not even hearing Simon words, the dark haired demon girl stared at the man she had known almost all of her life. And when he was placed on the large chessboard among the others from Wonderland, she felt her heart sink. They were not toys...nor were they anyone’s playthings. They were her friends...and Richard...he... Her eyes never moved onto the dragon or her servant. Her train of thought was gone and now she was just...blank. Her head felt heavy as the despair over what had just happened started to sink in.
Simon just stared at her. He was hoping for a little more fight out of his prey before killing her. "Not going to move?
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 10 35
Cheshire Stamp by MadHatter10-6 Cheshire Stamp :iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 107 8 Reflections Stamp by MadHatter10-6 Reflections Stamp :iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 8 12 Alice and Hatter stamp by MadHatter10-6 Alice and Hatter stamp :iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 24 13
Reflections Chap 17
Imagination becomes madness.
Toys become weapons.
Friend becomes foe.
And time is running out...

Richard found his airway cut off..not that he really needed it. His dress shoes dug into the ground as rings of sharp teeth cut into his neck, slashing through the skin to the metal underneath. He turned sharply as his remaining good hand grabbed the thin strand to see who the assailant was!
Her legs felt too weak for a moment, but this wasn't where her journey ended. It couldn't be. She couldn't just sit and watch her Richard’s life end like this. But her legs still protested. Alice pulled her black dress up to her thigh and slid the Vorpal blade out from inside her knee high leather boots. It wasn’t there a moment ago, but it always appeared wherever and whenever she needed it to be. But she couldn't throw the blade blindly. There was a risk of hurting the Hatter. So with all of what was left of her left strength, Alice pushed herself to her feet and made her way to the
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 7 33
Broken Toy by MadHatter10-6 Broken Toy :iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 18 22
Reflections Chap 16
You can always have more than nothing...
Alice quickly stuffed the tiny sized Hatter into her apron pocket, then started to walk away from the table. After a short while she looked down at him. The Queens may not have been able to tell them anything useful. But he knew where this thing took Simon. "I think you know much more then you’re telling me." She spoke to the mad man, as she headed up towards a mountain pass. There wasn’t an enemy in sight, but no place was safe in Wonderland anymore it seemed. "I thought we were better than just good friends." She sighed. "You shouldn't hide anything from me at this point." Alice spoke with a serious tone. After all... they shared a kiss and lots of other things so far. "Do you not trust me anymore? Are you afraid of me doing something silly like I did a few years ago?"
The Hatter sighed as his head poked out of her pocket once more. His long arms hung down over the edge. The green checkered grass under her feet soon gave wa
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 15 24
Reflections Chap 15
The proper order of things..
When Alice stepped into the green grass of the Wonderland, her yellow dress was gone, replaced by her favorite blue dress with white pinafore. The usual dark eye make-up she wore appeared from nowhere, along with the silver necklace around her throat. She was feeling a bit uneasy and confused. Instead of the bright and colorful world she was used to, the air was heavy and foggy. A strange mist was covering everything like a blanket. As they entered the woods everything was so very quiet. Not a bandersnatch or momerath to be heard and this was their mating season too.  The trees around her were a pale green and seem to be fading more and more as dead leaves flittered to the ground. Strange for a place that never sees a fall or winter. It was almost as if something had poisoned the trees. Many questions were circling inside her head, but no answers were coming. So she silently followed the path towards the Hatter's cottage.
The teeny Hatter poked
:iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 12 14
Red Knight by MadHatter10-6 Red Knight :iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 12 22 Then and Now by MadHatter10-6 Then and Now :iconmadhatter10-6:MadHatter10-6 12 19

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Of ravens and writing desks.
United States
Reflections Updated!

Finally! After years of putting it off I finally fixed and updated Reflections and fixed all my terrible spelling and grammar errors. While not a pro at writing it always bothered me that I let a lot of simple mistakes go. Hopefully the chapters will be a better read for those who were fans of it. It was the best project ive ever worked on. Thanks to you meg! 


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