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100 Watchers Special by MadHatter-Himself 100 Watchers Special by MadHatter-Himself
There are 101 drawings in this picture, this is because 1 of my watchers deleted her DeviantART-page at some point and I therefore went through 101 watchers before hitting the number 100.

#1 :iconerinrocks122:
This idea is taken directly from the name:
-Erin, which is an OC of this person.
-Rocks, which is typically, the act of playing music of a sort.
Therefore I drew Erin rocking out on a guitar.

#2 :iconsora-arashi:
Sora, I choose to connect with the main-character Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series, which both I and Sora-Arashi likes.
Arashi is Japanese for Storm and I therefore drew a Sora in some kind of Wind-Form.

#3 :icongoudachizu:
I couldn't get anything meaningful out of the user-name Goudachizu, and therefore I decided to base to picture on the Profile-Picture, ID-Picture and on what was written all over the Profile of Goudachizu, which made me end up with Claus from Mother 3 with a piece of Cheese in his hand.

#4 :icontora-panthera:
I've drawn Tora a lot of times, and I therefore wanted to do something different this time, and therefore I went with a reference to the Disney movie, The Lion King.
There wasn't much reason for this.

#5 :icongatomonlvr96:
The first and logical part of this picture is of course the Digimon, Gatomon, which then, together with the number 96, which I then decided to joke a little around with.
Saying that 96 was an opposite 69, which again is a sexual position.

#6 :iconfuzzymask13:
The first issue, when it comes to this picture, is the combination of the word Fuzzy and the number 13, which results in something evil, 13 being an evil number, that one would not be able to see clearly because of it being fuzzy.
The materialization of this fuzzy evil, is then the Mask, which then made me think of Majora's Mask from Legend of Zelda, because of the Mask already being a “creature” of evil.
These 3 aspects combined then resulted in an even more evil and darker version of Majora's Mask, then the one known from the video-game.

#7 :icondigidestined4eva:
Because no specific Digidestined is being mentioned in the user-name, I decided to draw something they all have in common, their Digivice, and inside it, I just drew a infinity-symbol.

#8 :iconinvaderstella:
For Stella, I just drew a female character and then placed her inside a tank to represent the Invader-part of the user-name.

#9 :iconiluvsteddiexd:
This picture is based on the act of showing love, taken from the Luvs, in the user-name.
The act of love is then centered upon the Teddy-bear.
The interesting issue is who the person showing the love is, and in this case, it is 'I', which means the user herself, which made me draw a tribute to a name of hers I know her better as, this name is PhearTheNinja, and therefore I drew her as a ninja, I then decided to make the Teddy-bear afraid because of the Phear or fear in PhearTheNinja.

#10 :iconmaya0aila:
The name didn't really give me any ideas other then made me think of the Mayans, and therefore I drew the incredible Mayan Pyramid.

#11 :iconkbobzilla:
This drawing is based of Dino from The Flintstones, because of the Zilla part of the name, and Sideshow Bob because of the Bob.

#12 :icontrigun571:
The word Tri simply made think of the Triforce from Legend of Zelda, and I therefore made it into a gun, as the user-name suggested.

#13 :iconkati221star:
Kati is simply just a name, so I decided to add a Po to the Kati, and make Katipo,
which is the name of a Spider.
The Star part of the user-name I then decided to represent with Starfy from the video-game:
The Legendary Stafy.
(Her account has been deleted)

#14 :iconkurokonekochan:
Kuro Koneko is simply Japanese for Black Kitty, so that is logically what I drew.

#15 :icontygdragon:
Tyg in my language means “Chew” and if you replace the G with a K, you get Tyk, which means chubby in my language.
So I decided to draw a chubby dragon.

#16 :iconfavselector:
The user-name FaveSelector made me think of Phoenix Wright, because of the funny Judge in the series, and then I just saw the Outstretched-Hand of Phoenix Wright before me clicking on the Fav-Button, but in this case it is the Like-Button of YouTube because it looks more interesting.

#17 :iconolethrosred:
In ancient Greek, Olethros was the manifestation of destruction, so I sat down and thought:
“What is a red version of destruction, Lava”
So I drew a lava version of the Pokémon Golem.

#18 :icontailsthegreat13:
In Asian mythology, foxes are creatures able to transform into different forms, fx. Humans.
And 9-tailed foxes are known to be an evil creature, therefore, a 13-tailed fox would maybe not be more evil, but at least more powerful then a 9-tailed, therefore I gave it the ability to always be transformed.

#19 :iconshadowfrost1:
This user-name simply made me think of an evil version of Frosty the Snowman.

#20 :iconsonickirby4764:
This drawing is a combination of Sonic and Kirby, just like the user-name is.
A Kirby running while using Sonic's taunt from Super Smash Bros. And wearing Sonic's shoes.

#21 :iconnomuru2d:
Nomuru or The Stones of Nomuru is apparently a book about intelligent dinosaurs, so that is logically what I drew.

#22 :icongiampax:
I didn't have much to go by with the user-name, so I used the profile-picture, which is of the Pokémon Darkrai, and I combined it with the Profile-Message, which is: “Massive Lurker”
So I drew Darkrai as a pervert lurking on TailsTheGreat13's Tribute-Character, from a hole to another dimension.

#23 :iconcatboy-trades:
I based the Catboy-part of the picture, of off VG Cats and then I saw the Trades as Trading-Cards or in other words, Yu-Gi-Oh! so that is what I drew.
A Yugi Muto VG Cat.

#24 :icondarkwing-goose003:
I simply made a Gus Goose version of Darkwing Duck.

#25 :iconspartak92:
Spartak is apparently a Russian football-team, but the football-team's name apparently comes from the legendary gladiator Spartacus, so I drew a gladiator in the football-team's team-colors.
The team-colors then made me think of Gryffindor's colors from the Harry Potter-novels, Red and Gold, I then decided to put gold into the mix and then this gladiator came out of it.

#26 :iconknightar:
According to Knightar's profile-message, he is the one who let's trolls run loose, so I drew a Troll-Knight.

#27 :icongokai-chibi:
Apparently Gokai, is the name of a group of Power Rangers, so I just drew a chibi version of the Yellow Gokai, I changed her a little, but it isn't much, mostly small details on the helmet.

#28 :iconsaphira951:
Sapphira spelled with two 'P's, is a woman who got killed by got through divine judgment, so I felt like drawing that instead of a dragon from a series I don't like.

#29 :iconbigbird6:
6 big birds, that would then be the big birds of the first 2 generations of Pokémon.

#30 :icontsusaka-kun:
I googled Tsusaka, and I couldn't find any other information on the name then that is was a purposely misspelling of Tsukasa's name, the character from the Lucky Star series, so I drew her with different hair.
#31 :iconeringobragh2011:
Erin go Bragh means “Ireland Forever” therefore I drew a tribute to Ireland, and I made her ecchi because eringobragh2011 was a fan of those kinds of picture, so I did a service.

#32 :iconhyperman95:
Hyperman is apparently a version of Superman from a different planet from far away into space, and I then made him old because of the 95 in the user-name, so the picture is a 95-year-old superhero from outer-space.

#33 :iconstreetsweaper:
The word Sweaper is a word for a goalkeeper in a soccer-game, so therefore I drew a goalkeeper playing soccer on the street, specifically the goalkeeper is Genzo Wakabayashi from the series, Captain Tsubasa.

#34 :iconspeedsberg:
I simply drew what the user-name implied, a Speedsberg, so a fast mountain.

#35 :iconkorineko18:
Kori or Kōri is a town in Fukushima, Japan.
Neko is of course Japanese for Cat and is used as a word for Cat-girls.
The 18 made me think of C-18 or Android 18 from the Dragonball series.
This meant that I had to take a Japanese thing, Cat-girls, and make them even more Japanese, because of the Kōri part of the name.
This then made me think, “What is the most Japanese thing of all?”
Japanese Schoolgirl-Outfits.
So I ended up with Azusa from K-ON, which is a character known for her good-looks with cat-ears on, in a Japanese Schoolgirl-Outfit and transformed into a cyborg of a sort, I therefore decided on the cyborg-type from the Striker Witches-Series.

#36 :iconugiza:
I couldn't find anything looking up Ugiza, so I decided to split it into U Giza or You Giza, in other words a pyramid.
Then I thought: “Who makes pyramids?” = Pharaohs
Who is my favorite pharaoh?
Atem from the Yu-Gi-Oh!-Series, so I decided to draw him.
Then I noticed that nearly everything on Ugiza's page is in the finish-language, so I decided to make Atem wanting to go to Finland to refer to that fact.

#37 :iconnoblemarine:
Noble instantly made me think of knights, so I decided to draw a knight.
Then the Marine part of the User-Name logically made me think of the sea, and therefore I made the knight into a pirate by giving him an eye-patch and I then designed the armor in such a way that I referenced the ocean.

#38 :iconlevioleur:
Violeur is french for Rapist, which made me think of the song “The Creep” by TheLonleyIsland, so I made the Rapist do The Creep.
Then I made a reference to the Profile-Message: “Single like a Ninja” and made the Rapist into a Ninja.
Then because the user-name was written in french, I decided to make the Ninja french.

#39 :iconmarisamicma57:
I couldn't really come up with much ells then the witch Marisa from Touhou riding a microphone.

#40 :iconkevjen:

#41 :iconbatanenwolf:
Batanen is apparently a character from an Anime-show who wears sunglasses, so I just gave a pair of sunglasses to a wolf, coloured in the colours of Batanen.

#42 :iconzoecakes:
Cakes!!! =3

#43 :iconalexparham:

#44 :iconlolistick:
I decided to draw a creature from old folklore named a Dryad, a woman-like spirit living inside trees.

#45 :icontokahia:
The user-name didn't mean anything I understood, so I drew a comment on the text below the user-name: “CARDGAMES ON MOTORCYCLES”
Which is a catchphrase from the youtube parody-show Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Abridged, which is known for being completely idiotic.

#46 :iconavante92:
Avant-Garde is french and roughly means: “The act of pushing the boundaries of what is normal”
So I simply drew something a little abstract and partly sensual, to represent this issue.

#47 :iconarkher:
“Her” the Ark, I assume you follow.

#48 :iconvithroil:
Vithroil's own OC Vith, looks a lot like an Oni from old Asian folklore, and that means that it looks a lot like a reindeer as well, so I simply drew a reindeer with the outfit of Vith + I based it on Chopper from One Piece, since it is the only well-drawn reindeer in the universe of manga and anime.

#49 :iconramjet33:
Ram Jet, that simply made me think of the Super Sheep from the Worms games.

#50 :iconsickeld160:
Sick Eld, so simply a sick old man.

#51 :iconexkyuubi:
Kyuubi is the 9-tailed fox from the Naruto series.
So far, when Naruto “summons” Kyuubi, he has only summoned him with up to 6 tails, so a better version then that would then be a 9-tailed version of the same form, but where all the tails are foxes themselves.

#52 :iconjackroono:
Apparently a big West Life-Fan, so I just drew symbols for that.
#53 :iconkutlessrocker:
A Kingdom Hearts addict, can't get much clearer then that.

#54 :icondarthhelios:
Darth, in other words, a Sith lord.
Helios, is the god of the sun Greek mythology.

#55 :icongallade-x-treme:
Gallade combined with the Sub-Page-Text:
“Shot the arrow in your knee.”
Which is a reference to a popular Skyrim-Meme.

#56 :iconchaosmax:
This person got the Pokémon, Jirachi as avatar.
Jirachi got the ability to fulfill wishes when opening it's eye on the stomach, so I opened it and released Chaos, in the form of a Black Hole.

#57 :iconswatkats-fanatic:
Simply drew SWAT Kats.

#58 :iconimaginative-acorn:
Imagination is in the Spongebob Squarepants series, shown by summoning a rainbow when doing what the acorn is doing in the picture.
The FAIL is a reference to the irony in having the imagination of an acorn.

#59 :iconpuppypaws101:
The sub-Page-Text says: I still like Disney :D
But that doesn't mean Disney likes you ;)

#60 :iconmonochromeluna:
Monochrome means something like Black/White.
So I drew the character Celty from the show Durarara, who doesn't have a head, and gave her the moon as head instead, because of the Luna, in the User-Name.

#61 :iconneoduelgx:
I simply put a duel-disk on his favorite character, Rena from .Hack//Legend of Twilight and .Hack//Dusk.

#62 :iconswordjaxa:
When I checked out what Jaxa is, the first hit was a Japanese space-program.
When I checked out what the Sub-Page-Text (強力毛毛) meant, it showed me stuff from the Power Puff Girls Z series.
So I simply gave Blossom a sword and made her ready to go to space.

#63 :iconlosuurx:
“Listening for peace...”
Is what the Sub-Page-Text says here, so I decided to reference a famous song about peace, “Wind of Change” by Scorpions, and then I let the Wind Waker be the one to conduct the song.

#64 :iconxxendlessriverxx:
An endless river would be the same as sailing through space, that is what went through my mind.

#65 :iconkashthekat:
The Sub-Page-Text says:
“ThePervertKat GotItMemorized?“
Therefore I drew the biggest pervert-looking character ever, Tingle from The Legend of Zelda, in a Cat-Outfit.

#66 :iconzexions-girlvi:
I simply drew what Zexion would look like as a girl.

#67 :iconhannahxforever:
That is all.

#68 :iconjugofmilk:
Jug of Milk.
That is all.

#69 :iconsodom-the-devil:
In the bible, Sodom is a city destroyed by God because of their lustful ways, that fact, together with the fact that we are on Watcher Number 69, made me have to make a 69-joke.
The Sora part is simply because of the user being a Kingdom Hearts-Fan.

#70 :iconmetalman999:
Metalman is one of the bigger villains from the Megaman games, so I simply drew him.

#71 :iconpjf3k:
“Who's The Riddler” is what the Sub-Page-Text said...
Therefore I made The Riddler ask the same question.

#72 :iconmedalliah:
“Every dawn i die again“
This is what the Sub-Page-Text says, which makes me think of a phoenix, originally a phoenix revives, not necessarily every morning, but often.
So I drew a Phoenix Feather, as seen in Final Fantasy games.

#73 :iconultimatefrieza:
Well, Frieza already got an ultimate form, so I simply drew that form.

#74 :iconxintetsu:
Xintetsu is as far as I gather an OC, so I simply drew him do what the Sub-Page-Text suggests:
“To succeed imagine as if it is“

#75 :iconsonicspeedrider:
Sonic Speed simply made me think of Sonic the Hedgehog, but the Rider part made me think of Kirby: Air Rider, so I drew Sonic Kirby.
The Super Sonic part was just for fun.

#76 :iconazurewotan:
Wotan is apparently an old German way of naming the god Odin, so I drew a blue version of Odin.

#77 :iconveji-chan:
Veji is an old Roman city, so I drew a Roman Gladiator, once again based of the Dragonica drawingstyles.

#78 :icondaybreak-adder:
I've kinda already drawn this picture, “The Sun-Snake, Amaterasu” and since Adder means a specific kind of snake, I drew it again, but in this case, a morning-version.

#79 :iconsymbianl:
Symbian is a cellphone-program, and since SymbianL is a big fan of Konata from Lucky Star, I drew her in a Tron-Outfit, but mostly inspired by the Tron-Outfit of Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

#80 :iconhydromonster:
The Sub-Page-Text says: “Deviously pleasurable”
That, together with Hydro Monster, can only make me think of one thing, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

#81 :iconbealor:
The Sub-Page-Text: “All the colours of the wind”
Made me think of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony and her SONIC RAINBOOM.
I do know the line is a reference to Disney's Pocahontas, but that was a bit to boring.

#82 :iconknight-alui:
As far as I remember, Alui didn't mean anything, which left me with Knight, so I once again looked at the warriors from Dragonica for help.

#83 :iconpoetoffate:
Poet of Fate, this made me think back to the Sisters of Fate from the old Greek legends, so I simply made one of Disney's sisters into a Poet.

#84 :iconminiboo118:
Now, boo, really doesn't mean anything ells then the sound it makes, so therefore I looked at the creatures that uses this word most, Ghosts, and then I simply looked for a small one, which was easy, Bow from Paper Mario, one of my personal favorite characters in any media ever, she is awesome.

#85 :iconkiethhepron11:
The Sub-Page-Text says: “In The End...”
“There are Endermen” I simply answered with a drawing.

#86 :iconroxasloverforever:
This is pretty strayed forward, I simply drew the girl who loves Roxas with her entire being, Xion.

#87 :iconmysticacademy:
Mystical Academy made me think of Yen Sid's tower, shown in Kingdom Hearts 2.
I then added a Sky-Wolf to the background to fit the Sub-Page-Text: “New Wolf”

#88 :icon358-2days:
358-2days and a Sub-Page-Text just saying “Private”
That is pretty weird, so I drew Roxas from 358/2 in a private situation.

#89 :iconxanniemalx:
“The World Is A Grapefruit!” is what the Sub-Page-Text said.
- “Sure” I answered and then thought of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” or in this case, “Scott Pilgrim vs. Grapefruit!”

#90 :iconrosesarecrazy:
Roses are Crazy
They sure are.
Roselia is no exception.

#91 :iconsonic411:
Simply a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, fair enough.
Then I saw the Sub-Page-Text: “Actually a Blood Mage”
“Heeeeeeeeello Dragon Age!” (O__O''')
Sonic as a Blood Mage, SURE THING!!!

#92 :iconblahblah680:
Blah Blah.
That made me think of an old danish handyman-commercial called “Brøler” which would mean “Roarer” in English, but a Brøler in danish also has another meaning, a failure, which was what summoned this scary creature, when someone failed at building stuff, then he immediately came by and started yelling for eternity.

#93 :iconarcane-boomeus:
Arcane simply means Magic.
Boomeus is apparently just Boom with some stuff added.
Then the Sub-Page-Text comes in and says: “My God, it's full of blarg.”
To me there is only one God:
So logically Arceus must be the one making this magical explosion, but it is apparently filled with blarg, which typically means boredom, so Arceus is apparently bored while making the explosion.

#94 :iconmageceleste:
Mage Celeste, in other words, a holy mage, or white mage, so I drew such a mage.

#95 :iconmaggie1056:
There isn't much on Maggie1056's account, not much ells then a picture of Bianca from Pokémon, that is, so I drew my own version of her, in a new outfit.

#96 :iconawesomebro32:
This troll guy called Awesomebro, made me think of the only truly awesome guy in the world...

#97 :iconruttossj:
To create a picture for this user, I took the liberty to remove a T from the Rutto in RuttoSSJ's username, and make it into Ruto.
With this I ended up with an idea of Princess Ruto from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I then turned her into a Super Saiyan.

#98 :iconbloodemo:
This user actually made me a little confused, since the username BloodEmo contradicts the Sub-Page-Text, “I'M RANDOM”
So I quickly used Hatsune Miku as the character to throw ideas on, since that is the users avatar.
So I kinda ended up thinkin:
“Let's make her an insane Emo, so insane that she is happy, and then to put in the blood, I decided to make her a happy murderer”

#99 :iconjamesmiester12:
The user-name didn't say much so I decided to use the Sub-Page-Text:
So I took that literally and decided to spy on his bad self, or his perverted self, in this case.

#100 :iconkrazylunatic12:
Well, the words Crazy and Lunatic both pretty much means the same thing, I therefore decided to read the word Lunatic in a different way and instead understand it as a Crazy Luna.
Which then made me think of Princess Luna from My Little Pony, and then I made her insane, which then resulted in Nightmare Moon.

#100b :iconluigiflore:
This one was pretty simple, it was simply drawing Luigi together with flowers, because of the Flore-part of the user-name.
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CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!! :iconsuperw00tplz:
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You are allowed to request other pictures then your own in Full-Size.
Gallade-X-treme Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012   Photographer
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