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Huh. I guess it's been a decade since I graduated from high school.

... Is there a "mood" for old or dinosaur?
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  • Watching: Italian Spiderman
  • Playing: Shadora: TSC
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Scotch
After two years, I've shaved my head from its long, lengthily grown locks. Which, I think started after the last time I updated this waste of word space.
  • Watching: Lexx
  • Playing: Solar Jet Man
  • Eating: Ham
Since it's been about two years since I've updated this, and since I haven't been drawing things other people have been asking of me for close to that long:
For the next twelve days, I'll draw whatever the next twelve people ask of me while doing my best to pervert it. Wee!
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I don't normally do these tagging things, but I was actually tagged for once, so I'll do half of it, why not? Eight random things about yours falsely, so here it goers:

  • I like to make up or use modified words and phrases to confuzzle folks.
  • I have a semi-prehensile lip and commonly use it to carry small objects. Top and bottom.
  • I lost all hope in humanity in the second grade when I found out the majority of my peers thought sand was a liquid not a solid.
  • Despite lacking any costly vices or hobbies, I still don't know where all my money is going.
  • I lost my fate in humanity when I had someone honestly tell me that smoking would magically make his home life suck less.
  • I enjoy removing brains waaay too much.
  • That last one is sadly not a joke.
  • Opposite to most parent/children relations, I've had to sneak money into my father's wallet.

And I tag... who ever wants it. Why not? I sleep now.
Not so much a "fun" type of hobby, though. It's more of the disappointing variety. ... Because I hate myself.

I click the browse button and try to find a drawn picture that is not fan art, Anime, furry, or some other massively reproduced style.

Success is rare at best. I can trek through pages to no avail.
It's been a week since the turn of '07, so I think I should plop out my spots for the following year:

1) Churn out the freaky lingo-wording. Passed is the time of recycling slogans and terms from the telly and other mass media propagated quotes. Screw them! I gotta bring it back '80s style and stick with the homegrown stash. Where have gone my terms like 'mophi or ass-jacker? Rise from your graves! ... dammit! Okay, next one...

2) Less prick, more dick. I gotta work on my angle more. The petty, simpleton scratches I uses to wear away on people's psyches are far too low in quality to be persisted. No. I gotta go all out, ball to the wall ass. Turn my quips soul rending over biting, cruel and malicious over sappy.

3) And I just wanna say, that I really appreciate you, the fan and reader. I know I don't say it enough, but, being the new year, I want to lie more to people's faces to instill just how much of a bastard I am to be =P

Here's to '07, year of the Boar, my year, the kind hearted, patient, and understanding rock that holds society steady. Now, get bent. You know you didn't read this, you.
I recently got a deviation to grow to 1,000 views. The sad part it, it took over a year for it to happen, and the piece isn't even that good. It's the 10 Year Quest, and the only reason it has as many people checkin' it out as it did is since the description is very wordy, so searches eat it up.

Also, unrelated hocking of products. 'Tis The Monsters! ... Products!

And 'Tis The  Monster Store (New!)
Pebu's Peanut Butter Monster Store
Chochi's Chocolate Chip Monster Store
Posu's Powdered Sugar Monster Store
And 'Tis The  Monster Store (Classic!)

Next I'm thinkin' of a shirt that says, "Owakwak, bitches!" just for kicks. Or, you know, Choko Moko or another one of my characters who was suppose to have items first...
I weigh 110lbs.

I just weighed, and this was right after my post-Lenten binge, meaning I should have been chock full of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks. Even with all this, and the fact that I had more mass prior to Easter, I some how dropped to lower.

I'm 6' tall, pretty much graduated from college, and I'm only 110lbs.

Frickin' awesome.
"Everyone is gay." - Nirvana

Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself, "Is it worth it? Can I risk fitting another body in the freezer?"

Taking requests, as always, for some reason.
I did have this huge rant about X-mas chewing out losers who say not to celebrate it since its Christian and junk, buuut it's actually to long to be snugly put here. I'd all extend the page and junk, so, instead, I won't.

Sucky how I'm prolly gonna miss me some X-mas goodies this year, too, like baking cookies and another things with my mom. Sucks a load, too, since this year I was hoping to learn how to make pumpkin rolls. I say this all and, surprisingly, am not gay. Strange, huh?

And, in case anyone forgot, I'm always good for requests or whatever that are sensible. Of course, no one will cash in on that, ever. Hah! I called your bluff! The wager is all mine! The bet? Nothing! It'll go good with my current girlfriend, and my past and future ones for that matter.

(Psst, all of them don't exist, in case you were wondering)
   I'm sure you don't need to be told (humor me), but Eduardo Guerrero passed away yesterday. He was the youngest of the three Guerrero brothers, all great luchadores who were sons of the great Mexican luchadore of all time, Gory Guerrero. There is only one wrestling Guerrero left now, Chavo Jr., Eddie's nephew. Rest in peace, Latino Heat, rest in peace.

   Eddie was the reason I got back into wrestling. In the early 90s, I lost track of it, and then when it hit "mainstream," I wanted nothing to do with it. One day, a few years ago (sadly only that), my brother told me to start watching it again for it was now great once more and apparently had been for years. His reason for this was Latino Heat.

   However, the memory of Eddie is not the only thing I made this entry for, although I wish it was. He was not just a great performer but a great man, and this is why his passing has actually reached out beyond the realm of wrestling fans who normally would be the only ones crushed by the news. Under most circumstances, you would think this would be a kind gesture, showing that his life was worthy of national attention to even those disconnected with "the business". However, they seem to do more harm than good with the act.

   The reporters covering the event are, well, morons. They do not seem to understand anything at all. They seemed to just toss things together haphazardly thinking no one would care. I guess that is understandable since the rookies were tossed the story as it was beneath the regular reporters, at least they made it seem that way. I do not why, in this country, television stars are sweated, any athletes are praised, yet the combination of the two is seen as some sort of inferior profession. I mean, unlike the two former, when wrestling is bad, at least it is comical watch. When the other stuff is bad, it's painful.

   Most grueling of these news flukes was when they said the tribute to Eddie's memory would span over this week's episodes of both Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Shake Down! C'mon. It's the title of a show, a show that has been on for years, that the person of interest starred in. I can spend five seconds Googling to turn up more accurate information! A man died. I thought the least someone could do is get basic details correct. I am proven wrong once again.

   So, remember these: Cheat to win. Eddie stole my other shirt. I'm your papi. Lie, cheat, steal. Viva La Raza!

Eddie Guerrero, 1967-2005.
I've decided, since I am mentally ill, to do the stupidest thing ever.

I recently re-opened my store with much better looking products, including a spiffier Pebu hat and, of course, a Pebu thong. This is where the fun comes in.

I want Pebu and the Monsters to spread like a plague. That would be great. However, more realistically, I would like to know people like 'em. Thus forth, there is no surcharge on any of the products. They cost the bare minimum (without costing me anything >_> but not giving me any, either). Payment for me is knowing Pebu is loved. Of course, while knowing it is good enough, pictures would be better :P

Thus the "contest". Send in pictures of yourself sporting the wares, 'specially the thong! ... No, seriously. I need someone to model that. I mean, I can get all the others and know they are fine no problem, but I ain' buying a lady's thong. That's just too odd.

Now, of course, I know that very little people would probably want to send in pictures of themselves sporting butt floss, so I've sweetened the pot. I plan on constructing Monster Plushes. Pics equal better chance at "winning" one. Chances are prolly 100%, seeing how I don't really have expectations of much or any comin' in, but, just in case I somehow get flooded, I'll say chance. If nothing else, I'll send a free Cap with a Monster of the winner's choice.

Contribute to my delusion.
"I am a leaf in the wind. Watch how I soar." -Wash, Serenity

I don't think it needs to be said, or that anyone will care that I say it, but, damns it, see the Serenity movie! I've seen it twice already and will prolly go for a fourth (yes, 4th. I know that's skipping). So, if you haven't (by which I mean seen it twice), do that junk. Joss earned it.
I snagged this deal offf Windy-Rat. It seemed interesting, but the real reason I snagged it was because my previous journal entry was huuuge and got annoying... so:

Leave a comment here and...
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.
Everyone is an idiot.

While I have always known this, and often professed it, I have been especially reminded of the matter within the last few months. In particular, I refer to matters of debate, namely of the more political nature.

Now, I by no means claim myself to be a victim of political affiliation, despite always being called a "Republican", mostly as a derogatory term, but, I would assume, my views fall as conservative. This is not the matter, however.

Since these debates grow large usually before I get a chance to contribute once, but, when I do, I make my presence known with a lengthy and complete explanation that is unable to be countered by any statement which would normally end the subject there and then. Of course, this is always ignored, even upon repeating, and the back-and-forth continues.

I have learned that, when drawn into a topic of "intelligent discussion", I do not find myself taking stake in what I believe and know to defend it, no. Instead, I find myself choosing a side purely based on the fact that I hate the other side's line of reasoning more than the prior. It's very black and white: On one side will always be the hippy-liberals who wouldn't know ethics if it beat them over the head with their guitars. On the other hand, you have the blind religious zealots who claim to follow guidelines set in a book that they have never bothered to actually read.

There is another group, but its too slim to even be called by such for that would indicate a higher number than one. This, of course, is educated middle men, which normally consists of myself. I find myself a wayfarer one the battlefield. On some instances, I'm hurling rocks at those who think evolution is entirely false and that man coexisted with dinosaurs, but, sometimes at the same time, I'll explaining how, if you take a life, regardless of age, it's still murder. I can barely understand why people force themselves to one side of this biased war in classification when neither side is wholly correct.

No one, at all, knows how to debate in the slightest. They toss around frivolous and near off-topic tidbits that add nothing and lead nowhere. And this is both sides. Both are such complete morons that I wonder how even got past the 1st grade. They never listen to anything that is said, and just keep on ranting on about how they are right while not providing anything solid to justify such.

This is why I have learned since no one listens to any points you make on your cause, you must destroy theirs. It's a simple matter of scientific deducing process: Nothing can really be proven true, just proven wrong, and something will be regarded as true until disproven. Hence, I prove they are dead wrong at every turn while my argument remains flawless. I throw in a large, well-put statement that refutes the wronger side with facts, not opinions, and then promotes the remaining side with facts again. This, of course, still doesn't work, but it does get the fence sitter's attention, at least.

Opinions are a funny thing. Everyone (typically hippies) seems to think if they "feel" something, that it means a crap. Dead wrong. Wrong to the max. Also, they always accuse people of not being "open-minded", of course, rather than use the definition of "being receptive to ideas", they seem to think it means "being accepting of anything". Ironically, in their course reasoning, they are usually the ones who are the least open-minded.

Another thing I "love" is group mentality. When I'm one-on-one with someone, I can generally always sway or severally tear their whole belief system asunder. This is not through brain warping or persuasion of some kind through the isolation of any kind, however. It is merely since I can focus and respond to that individual accordingly. When groups are about, however, everyone just bombards me with, of course, trivial crap of questions or statements. None of it means anything, and I should ignore it and stay focused on the matter at hand. However, if I do this, then they say, "See? He doesn't know! Hitler!" That hasn't happened any time recently, but, back in the day, I use to get bombed with comparison to the Fuhrer, largely for no reason, until kicked from the room (not for being Hilter-esque, but since the op would want everyone else to shut up). Additionally, even when trying to confront someone solo, they feel the need to drag others into it. Not to help out, but just to say, "Isn't he stupid? Let's laugh at his more-intelligent-than-mine reasoning and deductions!" Which, they do, and flood with crap, not even necessarily directed at anyone. Just crap. It bogs down reading speed with word sifting times and eventually I fatigue from typing responses to their nonsense and just give up.

Of course, I only try hard when its a matter of global concern. If it's ever something that solely effects personal health and safety, I just say to myself, "Well, I don't care if they live or die. Why bother?"
Well, I'm all moved in to North Carolina for my temporary imployment at the Central Institute Investigating Toxicology.

Thus far, the only interaction with animals I've had here is being torn apart by fleas. The lousy former tenant had cats, so I must suffer the wrath of the wingless bloodsuckers until bug bombs are procured. I picked at least a dozen off of myself today. To make things worse, chicken pox is going around CIIT. So, I'd be scratching myself like crazy regardless of the situation >_<

To make myself happy, whoever gets the 2kth hit, screen cap it for me. I mean, crop and junk, I dont' care. I just want a deal like that. Additionally, you'll... um... get something. Don't know what. Ain't that exciting?
A sad day is reached in your life when you bake better than your own mother... and are a male. I've turned out eight loafs of edibles this week alone, and already she has plans for me making poppy seed roll, which she recently botched, and something called friendship bread. I mean, granted, I'm the one who eats most of the stuff anyways, but- ... I have no but-case to make... I'm just a huge pussy. Damn, I can't leave it on that note! ...

Additionally, ... um... I have to fend off the ladies with a pointed stick. Yes... believe the lie...
Ya know what sucks more than losing your scanner capabilities for about a month? Having a thunderstorm surge your phone lines and blow out your internet. Mmm, that's some good bad luck :/

Well, that's my explanation for why I've gone from daily throwing crap on here to not throwing crap at all. Well, I've still been submitting stuff, but mainly just scrapped literature. Why scraped? Well, aside from ending in the middle of nowhere for the most part, they don't have shiny pictures, just lame ass titles made on Paint.

So, until I can plague the world yet again, I guess I'll just have to write, make animated pixel sprites, or play videogames like mad! ... * eyes FF: Mystic Quest *

... Well, I do hate myself...
Been a while since I gave out some steam, so here I blow!

I'm a hate-filled, cold-blooded, heartless bastard, and that's sugar-coating it.
Do you ever just have revelations? I had one recently. I pretty much knew that I hate 99% of everything, but it never really hit me just how much I hate them all. I mean, I hate people, things, events, opinions on both sides of an argument, etc. I just hate everything.

You know what I don't hate, tho'? Rasslin'.

Dang skippy, I love wrestling. I watched wrestling when I was a wee li'l boy, during the glory days of Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. I saw Undertakers first WWF match, and I'm glad he's back to being vintage. I heard he went a bit white-trash for a few years there, but, luckily, I didn't watch it for some odd ten years or so.

WWE is the only thing I have to look forward to in a week. It's cheesy, it's lame, and generally they seem to be talking about something I don't care about, but once they get a good match, it's all worth it. I live for Thursday night. Smack Down is great, and even better ever since they lost Cena in place for Benoit. Angle rules, 'cuz you just want to hate him. Hurricane and all cruiser weights make wrestling what it is. I would say the chick fights count, but they've cut down on those ever since that stupid Janet Jackson incident >_< And they're so cool, too! Those broads tear into each other! I wish they fought more, and not with pillows or other lame gimmicks. Tooth 'n nail. It's pure awesome! I love the heat. Cheap heat, canned heat, it's all good. I love how gullible the crowds are. They tell an American born citizen to "go home" 'cuz they are a bunch of racist pigs when they clearly say, "He's just a jerk, that's why we should hate him," and he is.

Of course, this has relevance to no one, I know. I have problems, clearly. But, when you get RVD teaming his 5 Star Frog Splash with some 619 action, it's all good.
Most people would kill to get three months off of doing anything. I guess I'm just odd (understatement!!!).

You know what I think I'ma gonna do, which isn't even a new thing since I said it before? Open up requests of any kind just 'cuz. I think thus far I've largely done things for Althanas (gee, who'da ever thought), and some for KRR (most weren't even requested :o ) while very few had to do with good ol' RE (one can be few, why not?).

I think, because it looks like I have nothing really to do this summer, I'll just take anything thrown at me, and likely horribly screw it up, and more likely on purpose ;)