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Not Never

Never is a bunch of folks. This is not Never. At least, not as they normally are. Since copyright non-infringing caricatures are lacking in the lot, I just went and made up what everyone looks like in this group pic. To be fair.

Twelve to twelve o' clock rotation style roster:

~Daimyo-KoiKoi (the man of the same name) is an aquatic artist. Here, represented with near wholly wrong colors. Probably the only guy taken as presented by the creator.

Kid Razy (~Kirazy) is a bisected, fluffy, winged, round cyclops with an absent mind. Take an obsession with with Pokemon, a cosmic bird, a scarfed glue guy, and a Blinkbat, put them in a blender, and feed them to this thing for breakfast.

Dead Dog (~JAMESGHOST11) is a canine cadaver brought back to life by someone imitating the movie Pet Cemetary. Sure, why not? Sam spliced with Jimmy 'sall it is.

Eggobbo (~MadGoblin) doesn't really need covered any since I just did that.

Veech (~vaporchu8) is a cape wearing water rat. Lotta stuff in here. Super Yoshi, Vaporeon, and Raichu are just from past handles by the guy.

Ometoad (~RexRanarum) is a frosty frogman full of hate and probably some bugs. You know, bugs that thrive in the arctic. Crabs, I guess. The punishing pincushion and frog pharaoh went into this one.

Duth Tron (~Topmonhit) is a mechanized killing and fog machine. Those go together, right? Take "the cloud", the head of two aliens whose names I forget, and some Hitmon-frilling. Plus, purple since that color wasn't being utilized.

Ink and color pencil.
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heh, deadmau5 reference.
everyone looks cool