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FFFF THIS IS LOVELY. Great framing, composition, that wallpaper! those frames! that window seat!

As for the lighting I would definitely boost the reflections on the floor like crazy. You know that weird effect where light mirrors off reflective floors almost exactly, no matter what? Do more of that. You're already halfway there with that great tile texture you've got going. I would just boost that up a bunch. (Definitely look up reference!) Also, you could probably get away with reflecting some more of the sky onto the floor.

Here's a silly question that might help--where is the sun right now? Is that it up in the top window? Because if it is, you're gonna get a lot of light coming down on the top surfaces of things (hair, shoulders, the seated fellow's lap, the floor) and some defined cast shadows(or rather, defined pools of light on the tile). I think especially since the brightest spot in the bottom window is between the two figures, it's a little weird not to see that reflected on the ground somewhere. I mean, definitely keep the shadows they and the windowseat cast! But I think some pools of light on the ground could do some good.

UGH I love this.
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mintyfreshmangos Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
Awwww, thank you! ;_;

I was trying to look up refs for reflexive floors but I had no clue what to look up. XD I'll make a mental note to notice reflexive floors the next time I'm in a hotel or something!
OH YEAH THE SKY IS BLUE. XD I totally forgot that cause I added the sky after I added the floor, but I shall add it right nows! and thanks for the tip about the light reflecting between them! It's super helpful! <3333333
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