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Dating Guide to Gotham

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May continue this at some point with Batman's full rogue gallery, who knows.

Any critique on the colors would be awesome! I'm so new to the color scene.

Riddler, Joker, Harleyquinn, Poison Ivy, and Bane obviously (c) DC. Me (c) me, haha.
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honestly I'd date Riddler, I like riddles and I'm pretty good at them.
example, why are the keys under/on the rug?
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any drawback to dating Ivy would be worth it
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I would think with Ivy the con would more likely be "will feed you to her giant carnivorous plants"
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You forgot about roid rage.

That and he's smarter than most people.

I'm sad now. :{<
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sorry about that! they can't all be gems :c
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LOL!!! Funny one there rofl 
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Too much fun! Well Done!
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This needs to be continued because this is too brilliant!
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The answer to the riddle is the railing, and what about cat woman and batman?
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Bane is actually one of the smartest and most sane of Batman's enemies. He's really cool.
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He really is! Shamefully, I didn't know him very well when I drew this comic back in 2011, and since then the astute nerds of the internet have been quick to correct me on that judgement. I still think the joke holds, even if the characterization is mostly false, but if I drew his guide today I'd probably go a different route. Thank you for commenting! :D
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I need a pocket sized version this next time I go to Gotham City, lol
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This is great! i even learned a new word.
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Haha! Very cute!
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You drew Bane so cutely! Eee!
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Lmao, my favorite would be the riddler
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What does go up and down the stairs without moving?
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Hilarious, and so true.
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Haha, yeeees, I love this.
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Bloody brilliant
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