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Gangs of New York Movie Poster

another movie poster
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Man, this movie was brutally violent......especially the part where they shown the Draft Riot; I honestly don’t know if I should feel hate or sympathy for those rioters who participated in that event because on one hand, I’m angry at them for causing destruction and murdering innocent, unarmed civilians(which by the way, some of those victims were African Americans). Yet, on the hand, I understand their desperate situation in which they must hunt for jobs to put food on the table and seeing their boys getting forced to fight a war that will most likely slaughter them.
I would like to use your image in my thesis paper on Typography. I look forward to hearing from you. You can email me at

Thanks Phyllis
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awesome use of typography
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I wish I could buy this, I'd love to have it on my wall. Great work man.
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This picture was been bookmarked on my design blog. Watch: [link]
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You said you used Photoshop. How did you get the text to conform to your shape?
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initially i drew this by hand. then i scanned it in and used illustrator to clean it up. finally i brought it into photoshop.
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wow i am loving this, it really works nicely for the movie. great job! :)
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Feauterd on my blog [link]
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How is this not the most popular movie poster on DA?
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Great work! I love the shapes in your lettering.
*sigh* i wish i could do work like this! :(
amazing job! :)
what texture is dis? n what software did u use?
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thank you. it's some sort of concrete surface texture, and i used photoshop and illustrator to create this piece
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i like the texture and typo
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This is amazing.
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This is great.
i can actually see this poster (among a lot of amateur ones) being used professionally by a movie poster company

good work
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thanks for that compliment.
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I like how the poster wasn't over-designed. It's very straight to the point and it reflects the gritty, rough tone of the movie.
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