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Ace Attorney shipping meme

Borrowed from :iconcrazytherandompony: because my ships confuse people XD
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I hate you.
Not really, :P it's a line from Phoenix Wright: Bullsh!t Evolved.
Sebastiansalmon heart bullet X3 Emote :eeeee:  so adorable.
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Even I Hate Shi Long x Calisto :XD:
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And here I thought I was the only one who hated Maya's guts... :D
*notices Pearl glaring and rolling up her sleeve*
*takes off running with Pearl in hot pursuit*
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I just really don't like Maya. It's hard to explain. Everyone's rooting for her in AA6 and I'm just like "how about Kristoph though"
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You are an uncluttered swine screw #STEPLADDERFORLIFE
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Kay and Sebastian is my favorite ♥♡♥
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Seriously, if only more people had played the fan translation it'd be a fandom canon ;-;
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Oh. Never mind. :P
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aaay somebody else who don't like cykesquill

i feel so much less alone now
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I don't get why people ship it. It would literally be like if I were to hook up with one of the 7 year olds in my first grade class in 11 years. THEY ARE MY BABIES NOT MY "BABY". I think it's silly. Plus, I mean, Justicykes. That's all I need to say. And for the Junipollo shippers, I like Klathena quite a bit ;D
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Klathena? Well, then again I ship Simon with Ema...WHOOPS.

Junipollo's adooooorable, and Justicykes and I am a multishipping whore okay I ship a lot of things
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Saaame. I actually wrote a fanfic for Simon/Ema... They be cute ^-^
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Interesting ships. But,may I ask why you hate Maya and Colias?

I can understand hating Ron,Furio,Alba,and Luke. But,Maya's a main character,and Colias is just a generally nice guy.
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Maya makes my skin crawl ahaha. I dunno, I love Ace Attorney because of its realism. All right, I'll admit that having a bracelet made of a "special alloy that allows it to shrink in response to heat" is a bit unrealistic, and cross-examining a parrot isn't exactly normal courtroom procedure, either, but I feel like the spirit channeling doesn't even attempt to be realistic. That being said, I'm perfectly okay with little Pearly and Mia, but there's one other horribly unrealistic factor to Maya: her emotions. She's sobbing her eyes out when her sister dies, but she's totally okay after 3 hours. She feels WORSE about feeling like she isn't being very helpful. I understand feeling useless, but when you cry about that more than your dead sister... Yeah. And what happens when she's kidnapped by a freaking assassin? "Hey Nick! I'm hungry. Oh, it's okay if I die! Just get that jerk behind bars!" 

I hate Colias simply because he is a politician. There have got to be some skeletons in his closet that he's covering up with his brilliant smile. XD
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AA's not really realistic if you think about it. The only thing realistic about it is the laws.

Point A- Phoenix Wright. I assure you that no one (except me) would spike their hair back like that and wear a royal blue suit in court.

Point B- Edgeworth. Same deal. Anime hair and ridiculous colored suit. (That I would so, wear!)

Point C- The police force always screwing up. I doubt real police screw up on every case they do.

Point D- The murderer is the prosecutor sitting across from the defense. It's very rare when this would happen.

Point E- Most of the murders themselves are pretty ridiculous.

Point F- Objection! Hold it! Take that! Aren't said that much in trials.

Point G- Godot's visor.

Point H- Franziska being allowed to whip the defense,judge,and witness.

Point I- Any other characters with anime hair and ridiculous colored suits.

Point J- Murders every day of the week that are connected.

I think you get my point.

(Now,honestly. I think that AA is based off of Japanese court. Which I don't know much about,so I guess this stuff could be realistic in Japan.)

Colias- I can't argue with you there. But,from what I've seen,he's pretty nice. I mean. He helps you as much as he can on your investigation,he convinces Alba to let you investigate,he's happy almost all the time,and he gives you free coupons! Anything that goes on behind the scenes of the game,I can't really count against him. I honestly first thought that when I saw him,that he'd be the killer. I was happy and surprised to find out that he wasn't.
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Heh, I have no real reason to dislike Colias. Maybe it's because he reminds me of my brother XD

As far as your evidence goes, I agree with most of that... But you can't say that any of that is 100% impossible. If there was a different judicial system, one far more like Japan's, everything would be plausible. That's what makes it all work for me. 

...Plus, you can't argue that Maya needs to get her feels under control. 
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I can agree with that. Although,spirit mediums aren't that far off from reality.
MadFox32's avatar
True. But still... Nyehhhh. XD
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