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New Stock Now Available!  Seeking the Truth by madetobeunique New Stock Now Available!  Seeking the Truth by madetobeunique

I recently saw on DA “The Illuminated World Contest” stock imagery creations.  The design is supposed to revolve around the fact that scientists are coming up with plants that basically glow in the dark.  I honestly cannot decide what stock to use, but I’d like to put something up for the contest, hehe…  I think I’ll post a few different stock images I’ve made and hopefully ya’ll will let me know your thoughts on which image I should submit to the contest. 

PLEASE share your thoughts!  J


In the meantime, yes, this is a stock image you are welcome to use freely on your websites or in your artwork pieces as long as you follow my stock rules below.  J

Here are my stock rules: 

          •     The small stock image above is FREE  :-D!

          •     You can use my stock images in Commercial projects in and outside of Deviantart!  ( yay! )

          •     Please post a credit link back whenever you use any of my free stock images and wherever they are shown.

          •     You can purchase my LARGE stock image file for a small fee using the "purchase" button on the top right of the page (or visit my website to purchase there as well).

          •     No credit link back is necessary for any of the purchased stock image files!

          •     Never use my stock images to create and/or share as stock on your own sites or pages.

Please post a credit link back to

My Website: or
My Deviantart Page:


Enjoy! And send me a link (providing it does not have mature content in it) when you're done so I can check out your work! And don't forget to FAVORITE this and WATCH me - I'll be adding a lot more awesome stock images like this in the near future!

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September 29, 2010
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