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I am a Theatre major with a minor in English. I am really interested in cosplay and work very hard to create my costumes from scratch. I am also working on my costume-making skills as I hope to do it full time eventually. If anyone wants a commissioned piece, please let me know.

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Favourite Movies
Princess Bride, Men in Tights, Tangled, Hercules...etc.
Favourite TV Shows
rosanne, reba
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Far too many to choose from
Favourite Games
Starfox adventures, Okami, Metroid, Sonic Series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Writing, drawing traditionally and digitally, costuming, singing, dancing.

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Oh my goodness thanks so much guys! I hope you guys are liking the content on the new page. I only plan on posting the best of the best of my cosplay and photography. I'd also like to announce that I'm going to getting back into a few things over the next couple months. I'll be getting back into photography, painting and some new ventures that I hope to share with all of you to show off more of my creativity. Look forward to lots of pics coming up soon :)
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Make you guys swing my the print store! Just opened this month :) http://purelightcosplay.storenvy.com/ Feel free to also submit print requests :)
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We are back!

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After some name change issues I managed to get my old page back.(I missed you all!!) I have cleaned out the gallery as I will be posting my favourite photos from my cosplay gallery. I hope you all like it and I'm so sorry for all the confusion over the last few months. <3
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Hey, Hope you’re well… i know we don’t know each other…but I figured I’d tell you about Unfiltrd… I find it really beneficial in comparison to OF because they take a smaller percentage as well as being able to post content that isn’t allowed on OF. I like to redirect my fans there for the content that they missed from PPV at higher cost!!!

If you’re interested in signing up I would REALLY appreciate if you used my referral link. You can also apply to be approved as an #UnfiltrdHoney and they receive extra benefits such as less paycuts & free advertising.

You can also hold virtual and physical auctions. ticketed events & so fourth. People can discover you with their “shorties” which are essentially 30 second Tik toks. A lot more options than OF has to offer…

If your fans sign up with the members link you can receive commission from what they spend too.


I feel like this can help with any burn outs any of you might have while still not having to worry about taking any forms of a pay cut when you need time off.

Please use my referral link if you sign up, I am disabled & can only handle soo much when it comes to working. (And I have a wedding to pay for💙)

Happy Birthday x3
:cake: Happy Birthday! :cake:
Happy bday ^^
Please note me when you come back to D.A