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25 Geometric Patterns



Yeah, there are 24 displayed but there are 25 patterns in there.
Like I said there are 25 .png images, 3000x3000px with transparent background in .7z file. Unpack them and enjoy.

You are free to use it without credit except when you want to redistribute them or make another patterns using these. In that case you just need to credit me and link to this page.

You can use them for both noncommercial and commercial projects. Credit isn't necessary but is appreciated.

Most of these patterns probably aren't perfectly symmetrical so making stamp patterns of them will not be convenient. Just paste them on your painting/project and if you need another color use adjustments or lock transparency and brush them with desired color, rotate them, scale them, combined them until you get the effect you wanted.

You can use it in any program be it Photoshop, Sai, Gimp, Open Canvas... just paste it inside.
This is how I used some of these patterns while painting:…

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