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Woo~ More prints for AB this year :D
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how much is this as a print?
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Yay Zelda, playing it at the moment... *mutters* stupid water temple...
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Nice job man! But this shield is not from Ocarina of Time, its from SS. But as I said, amazing! :)
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:iconfacepalmplz: Crap, my zelda-canon-meter is off.
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So that's what the medallions were for! So awesome :) Love the colors!! They remind me so much of the game
MusubiKazesaru's avatar
great job, I love the stained glass
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BlackButlerCielLover's avatar
THAT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That is very vibrant
ShougaTouki's avatar
This... There's too much epicness... :icontouchedplz:
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Wow, I just think that a picture such as this and your other work is one that tells the story perfectly, it captures the essence of the character(s) I love it. the choices of colours are fabulous and the shading is flat out amazing.
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This is so colourful & magical. The colours are so bright and vibrant, the detailing on these little pictures, the colourful windows, the way the light falls smoothly and naturally. It's just gorgeous
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Listen to "A Hero Comes Home" from the OST of Beowulf. It fits. It just came on as I looked at this picture. x3
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Oh my, awesomely incredible! Link,Zelda, and all of the characters look stunning, and their expressions are gorgeous! The colors,lighting,outfits, style,sword,and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly exquisite work! :iconawesomenessplz:
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Wow! I love this one!
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That is so good!!!
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My link looses his shield at random points o: I don't even notice til I'm up against small fries and they beat me up o.o I'm like, "hey, isn't my shield supposed to block them? wait...why am I not holding it!?"
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