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Puella Magi

Poster for AB this year :)
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Definitely will pick this print up :)
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I have to say, yours is a style I can identify immediately.  This is a show I need to watch.  I love how everything fits together so well and the background is lovely.

Great job!

Homura-chaaan!!!! <3 epic drawing is epic.
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I definitely love their look in your more "mature" style! And Mami looks a bit insane ;D
Glamrgrl104's avatar
I like your style of them. Love Puella magica, it was a little short but I enjoyed it.
Shiore-Hikaru's avatar
Need to finish this series but awesome picture :iconhappytearsplz:
OutsideTheBox11's avatar
aaaaah! the hair is so pretty :D
Ruby-the-skunk's avatar
:wow: fabulous! The layout and perspective are awesome! Outfits are well drawn. You have created a work which looks really realistic. This is full of movement and happening. :)
radioactive-art's avatar
Awesome!!! This is one of the most depressing shows I've ever seen.but great art!!!!
daisyflower8's avatar
It was so light and fluffy in the beginning
and then
and then
mami fkfgng
MellyMaltesers's avatar
I can't deal with this show
poisoned-poet's avatar
*slaps Kyubey repeatedly with fire*
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I had no idea you liked this anime, which is one of my favorites! thanks for continuing do do great art
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You keep surprising me! I didn't even knew you liked Puella Magi! :heart: This looks amazing. There is some gorgeous shading, thec style is very different from the original, but the clothing is very detailed & accurate & the fabrics and shadings are just mindblowing. Love it. And I love how you managed to fit them all in that same picture in such interesting poses. I also think you made Kybey look nicer than he really is - and you made the rings look more like gold.
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ahhhhhh mami for the win!
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This is very epic. Great job, Maddie!
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You're very welcome!
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