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All the mini animations from my freshman year!
Techniques include drawn animation, stop motion, claymation, and After Effects processes. Some were class assignments and some were just me being weird.

My other films from freshman year:

Better quality on YouTube-->…

First year:
Second year:
Third year:
Fourth year: 
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The Shaman and Cervine Passing were my favorites. :O
I wish I could take both figures home. :XD:

How did you make the dead cervine? the bones look like they're barely holding together.
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Thanks a lot! =D

For the dead one I just made the shape out of wire and sculpted the bones right on it with clay.

YAY :dummy:
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You're very welcome!

Oh amazing! :O
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Are you making any more for 2013?
The Cervine one was amazing!
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thank you!
yes i am, animating like crazy all the time! don't know if i'll post them at the end of the school year or later though
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lol this is awsome and cool i love the one before the labradoody the creature is so cute
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haha thank you! :aww::heart:
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Do you know anywhere I can teach myself this stuffs? I've only worked with live-action and want to play some more. :3
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i learned it at art could probably check youtube and online for tutorial stuffs :P
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I actually liked it. Interesting animation you added to your work.

I do hope to see more in the near future.
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And I shall never look at another brown Lab without thinking this.

Thank you XD
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ahahahaha awesome :XD:
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awesome! LOL at last clip
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I really enjoyed the whole experience of your stop motion animations! Thank you very much for sharing these with us! I liked the transitions with the skeleton deer! :)
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thanks very much! =D~:heart:
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That last clip, where you showed the jump before you edited it, I laughed so hard. Omg. Tremendous work. Excellent job.
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lol thank you! :XD:
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As you can see here the narwhal is a native to the forest. It is now with a pack of narwhals hunting for prey.
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The woodland narwhal preys upon other woodland fishes, including halibut and small crustaceans.
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