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May Feature: Ileana the Frilled Lizard

(character by pidgeonspen // art by bunnikkila)

Group Rules

Stay on topic

Art of official characters is permitted - but there must be at least one fan character in the image. AU versions of official characters are not considered OCs, nor are Sonic-verse versions of official characters from other franchises.

The Critique Requested folder is for designs or backstories you would like critiqued; while we may occasionally offer tips on anatomy or composition, general art critique is outside the scope of the group.

Be kind - about others’ OCs and about your own!

Negativity toward others’ OCs will not be tolerated on this blog. There’s no such thing as cringe here!

On a related note, joke or parody OCs made to mock the concept of Sonic fancharacters are also not permitted.

Keep it PG - PG13, and respect boundaries

Dark stories and characters with dark histories are a-ok - but keep it in bounds of the Sonic franchise, and above all keep it SFW!

For that reason, overly suggestive work, as well as anything violent or gory or depicting drug use is not allowed. Basically - if it's too much for the games, it's probably too much for the group. Fetish art is also not permitted, even if the art itself is of a nonsexual nature.

Additionally, any racist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise bigoted art is not allowed. Creatures from closed cultures whose members have requested they not be used for pop culture are also not allowed; this includes wendigoag, thunderbirds, and skinwalkers with more added as the mods learn more.

Please submit to the correct folders!

Single character images go in species folders, groups in Groups, fan kids in Fan Children, and couples and polyships in either OCxOC or OCxCanon. Currently, we have folders for the most commonly seen species; other species will be added after five examples. For now, if you don't see your species please submit to the Misc Bird, Insect/Arthropod, Fish, Reptile/Amphibian, or Mammal folder, and we'll create a folder for you once there are enough images!

That's about it - keep it chill, and look for events starting after the new year!

Gallery Folders

May Featured Character: Ileana by StarlitSkvader
April Featured Character: Mirage by StarlitSkvader
March Featured Character: Beyond by StarlitSkvader
February Featured Character: Storm by StarlitSkvader
Critique Requested
Angel Fox Pose Redux by 0FoxGuy0
Sonic Fan Character Concept - Sunny Wildcat by LaGarzaEntertainment
Adoptables and Commission Ads
Sonic flat Adopts auction #42 CLOSE by Karmin-Dey
Sonic flat Adopt auction #41 CLOSE by Karmin-Dey
Sonic flat Adopt auction #40 CLOSE by Karmin-Dey
Adoptables AUCTION Batch OPEN by BradTHFireght
Resources and Tutorials
Amy Adoring Sonic Base by That-Gothic-Kitty
Amy with Flower Petals Base by That-Gothic-Kitty
Amy Charlie Brown Face Base by That-Gothic-Kitty
Amy and Tails High Five Base by That-Gothic-Kitty
.:CM:. Callie the bat by Cometbird
Sonic Fc - Fruit the bat by PukoPop
Bat LCG | REDESIGN! by Lyrexios
Freebie for CourierJax by MysteriousCloud
Shuna the Swan by DianaFoxyVolturi
Robyn the Magpie by Sonicguru
Happy Birthday by DianaFoxyVolturi
Brock the Bird 2021 Reference Sheet by TNMatt
Sonic Channel - CiCi the Cat by ShadowLifeman
Alexa the cat by ElizaaTheFox
cold world - sonic oc by ChunkyTheLunatic
Mynx Alt Outfit of 2021 by BlueKazenate
Sydney Greene - Part 1: The Basics by BlazeTBW
Sonic OC: Tempest the Bulldog by Sherendipity
ophia by lumenflowers
AT: I'm just hovering. by Cakeklis
Katari the Gorgon by Prototype-ARCH
.: P - Midas by FlNCH-FACE
Character Trade (open) by E-123Not-mega
Stephen Fox: Classic by BoomSonic514
Daniel Fox: Classic by BoomSonic514
Berry Chibi by FabuRinRin
Vivi The Fox by Star-Shiner
Comm. Moxxi by Rhaineyday
:CM: Mocha by Cometbird
Jabi and Jihi by MercyBean125
ROBIN STEELE Reference Sheet by JurasslcChaos
Myths and Cryptids
Anti-Jake the Kobold by Prototype-ARCH
Original Species
Vick The Copycat Ref by DigitalValkerie
Prehistoric Species
The Alpha Saber by JurasslcChaos
Rabbits and Hares
[STH] Dolly The Bunny by SkullxCake
Omochette the Robot by daydreamingsheep827
Seedrians and other Plants
Aphrodite the Seedrian by Zippityzap103
Jara aka LCG/ Umbra | FUSION ART WORK! by Lyrexios
Fan Children
Azure the Hedgehog by Zippityzap103
.:CM:. On the cliffside by Cometbird
Welcome to Planet Ark by JurasslcChaos
[JAWS THEME] by burntbeebs
Misc Fish
Catch A Wave by GrandMassaSpectre
Misc Insects and Arthropods
Eilene the Holy by YangHarmony
Other Invertebrates
Lilac Reference by OCPancham
Misc Mammals
Prism the Lion by riftclaw
Misc Reptiles and Amphibians
Iola the Iguana 2021 Reference Sheet by TNMatt
Art Fight
Art Fight 2020: Wistful Gaze by StarlitSkvader
Event: Shipping Exchange 2019
Made in Mobius Shipping Exchange:. For Silver by TheCospunkPrince
Event: Pride Of Mobius 2019
Pride! by StarlitSkvader
Event: Pride of Mobius 2020
Pride! Cassie and Lily by MysteriousCloud
Event: Fall Exchange 2019
Made In Mobiaus Art Trade by E-123Not-mega
Valentine's Day 2020
Love Machine by burntbeebs
Shipping Exchange 2021
MiM Gift Exchange 2021 by burntbeebs
June is on the horizon - which means itís almost time for our annual PRIDE event!
Pride of Mobius is a submissions-based event that focuses on your LGBT+ Sonic OCs. For the month of June, Made In Mobius posts only Pride-related content - and thereís a special folder for art created for the event!
On June 1, the Pride Of Mobius folder will open for submissions, and will remain open all month - so get ready to show your pride!!
Rainbow pride -pixel Heart- Lesbian -pixel Heart- Bi -pixel Heart- Pan -pixel Heart- Tiny Trans Heart Nonbinary -gender heart- Tiny Ace Heart Mini Heart - Aromantic
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LaGarzaEntertainment Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok boys,
Who is ready to raid SEGA to ask for another rambling from the new green hedgehog voiced by one of our favorite Sean’s in Ireland?
ChunkyTheLunatic Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
a shredding evening - sonic oc by ChunkyTheLunatic  This character I sent to you he's a hybrid he's deer part goat
SonictheHedgehog324 Featured By Owner Edited May 18, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Hi. I love your art and I'm happy I joined.
StarlitSkvader Featured By Owner May 20, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
We're glad to have you - welcome aboard!
MysteriousCloud Featured By Owner May 8, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just realized that I misinterpreted one of the folders!! >.< 
This picture of my OC and Irish the hedgehog should be in Groups, not OcxCanon (they're cousins). Is there a way for it to be moved, or would I need to resubmit it?
Green boys at the pond by MysteriousCloud
StarlitSkvader Featured By Owner May 8, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
It's been moved! Thank you!
MysteriousCloud Featured By Owner May 8, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh thank you!! (And sorry for getting it wrong! ;3; )
StarlitSkvader Featured By Owner May 10, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, we appreciate the heads up!
AliceLuvsMirai Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! i submitted this picture of my ocs to ur gallery:

Dating During the Outbreak by AliceAcorn6003

but, it expired. R u able to accept it?:?
StarlitSkvader Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! We had been discussing the images; there are more details in our response. Thank you!
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