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By MadeInKobaia
THIS WORK IS OUTDATED...please check out the new version : [link]

| Appetizer

| Menu

My only idea was here "How to create the most simple, minimalistic & (I hope) pleasant wp..."

The slogan "Free Your PC And Your Mind Will Follow" is derived from the great Funkadelic album "Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow" ! (see the link below)

HD Wallpaper pack, including these resolutions :

• 640x960______4:6 (smartphone)
• 480x800______3:5 (smartphone)
• 1280x1024____5:4
• 1600x1200____4:3
• 1920x1080____16:9 (Widescreen)
• 1920x1200____16:10
• 2560x1600____16:10

A pack with color variations upcoming !!!

| Tools

I am always greatly helped for the choice of my fonts by one the best font manager I know :


Its Free, Open-Source and available for Linux, Windows & Mac.
Enjoy !

| Musical Accompaniment

Funkadelic : [link]

| Graphical Food Furniture

Own garden, including the Tux and ALL patterns !

► Font for "Free Your PC..."...simple, efficient, free & open : DejaVu [link]

► Font for "Linux" : SpaceAge by Justin Callaghan [link]

Dedicated to my friend Ksiop who made me come to Funkadelic. Thanks to LaGaDesk [link] for the screen-shot

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by far one of the best Linux wallies on the web.
MadeInKobaia's avatar
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great, like this wp.. thanks
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Thanks to you :) you can check the new version here : [link]
See u around !
rYu2k8's avatar
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Thanks a lot ! (& for the :+fav: too !)
rYu2k8's avatar
youre welcome :)
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Thanks to you (and for the screen-shot you made too) !
See u.
DJwaski's avatar
Hi there, is there a possibility to get the PSD from you?
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Hi, I will share the sources if I completely open the the way there's not a lot of things to share...a tux, text & few patterns ;)
pitkon's avatar
Was wondering... Why don't you do a Blackbox theme for this excellent wall? I would, with your permission of course, but I already have a similar wall in line :(
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Hi my friend, what do you mean by theme ? A screen-shot ? A package including the wp ? (sorry I am still not a geek ;) )
pitkon's avatar
Hi! I was just referring to a Blackbox style :) Maybe you would like to try authoring one? Just a thought :)
MadeInKobaia's avatar
ok, of course :stupidme: hum, I am so busy for the moment I preferred to not jump in another (even interesting) project ! But feel free to use it for a package ! (just let me know the result ;) )
See u Pete !
pitkon's avatar
Thanks my friend, maybe I will. And whenever you feel ready for another project, please let me know :)
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Sure my friend with pleasure !
See u soon !
pitkon's avatar
Great! See you!
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Fanks iou ! haind faur ze :+fav:s halsso !
Si oux !
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I like your idea to did a silhouette of the mini tux , looks like a good logo for Linux lovers.
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