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Sherlock Holmes - The Greek Interpreter Episode 1

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Sherlock Holmes is brought into a mysterious case by his brother Mycroft in the classic tale The Greek Interpreter.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary consulting detective comes to Motion Books in a benchmark reading experience courtesy of legendary storytellers Liam Sharp and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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Sherlock Holmes - The Greek Interpreter Episode 2 Sherlock Holmes: The Greek Interpreter - Episode 2 by MadefireStudios

Sherlock Holmes - The Greek Interpreter Episode 3 Sherlock Holmes: The Greek Interpreter - Episode 3 by MadefireStudios
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Li-ivliyeu's avatar
Stunning. Absolutely stunning.
tomgarcia's avatar
Jeez, this was best than any movie! How immersive!!! 
LiamSharp's avatar
So great to hear! Thank you! :-)
Brollonks's avatar
This is wonderful! Kinda enjoyed this story here, I will have a look at more of the motionbooks soon. :) I am eager to see if my ideas will turn out the way I envision them, the Madefire creators did a great job and made Deviantart a unique place for storytellers and writers.
LiamSharp's avatar
Thank you so much for this lovely feedback. Appreciated! :-)
Fusciart's avatar
Wow. This is the future of comics. Very entertaining. Bill and Liam make an outstanding team. Magic for the eyes. Almost three dimensional. A+ 
LiamSharp's avatar
You're too kind! Thank you! It was an absolute JOY working with Bill. :-)
JoeOtisCostello's avatar
I love this episode!  Truly a masterpiece!
LiamSharp's avatar
Bless you Joe! :-)
KashmiraDragonGodess's avatar
how did you make this. I want to try it but I couldn't figure out how to make the motion book it is so confusing in there
krukof2's avatar
:#1:  amazing / I m speechless ...
LiamSharp's avatar
:-) Thank you mate. Really appreciate it.
crunchy-toast's avatar

I have no money to spend on this TT^TT
Ben-Abernathy's avatar
Dang--it's SO WORTH IT!
ileWolf's avatar
Sherlock Holmes has been my passion since I was very little and this awesome!!!!!! I love the atmosphere created with the sounds, it's perfect. All the dramatic drawings are perfect too!

Mycroft made me giggle a lot, I always pictured him fat, but not that fat! HAHAHAHA he really needs to diet 

I also see that you went for the chubby Watson :P

You and Bill make a dynamic Duo! I WANT THE NEXT ONE! :love:
LiamSharp's avatar
Bless you IleWolf! We're fans of your work too! :-)
ileWolf's avatar
I may have squealed very loud when I read that. :D
DamienWorm's avatar
Wow! it's amazing!!!
LiamSharp's avatar
Ben-Abernathy's avatar
Awesome, glad you enjoyed it! Wait until you read Episode Two!
ArtWithoutPrediction's avatar
This is highly relevant to my interests.
Ben-Abernathy's avatar
Great to hear--there's MORE to come! Cheers!
ArtWithoutPrediction's avatar
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