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Kevin Milner has a rotting corpse in his mill.
A BIG corpse.

How and why it is there he cannot possibly guess.
And it keeps disappearing and returning with great chunks taken out of it.

A Lovecraftian tale of urban horror, this illustrated short story will keep you guessing all the way to its terrifying conclusion!
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chiitters's avatar
this is not okay. pretty sure i just shat my pants.
amazing work by the way!
Perry-Pictures's avatar
the ending really brings it full circle! Awesome job
SpaceArtGuy's avatar
Is there a page limit???? How many can be uploaded at once?
MadefireStudios's avatar
No page limit..yes, you can batch upload
MinnieOtakuDreamer's avatar
Creepypastaaaa! I loved this. The soundtrack and art really got to me, and it was all so very real. Excellent job!
kawaiikanji's avatar
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! the images are amazing! the details are so precise and perfect!!!! the sound effects and music are so suspenseful, creepy and freakin awesome!!!!! I loved everything!!!! Your team did a fantastic job! :)
MadefireStudios's avatar
Thanks so much!! 
EchelonErased's avatar
Wow, I read this for the second time and I only caught that bit at the end just now! Really amazing work here.
turbosuo's avatar
Incredibly creepy.  Probably shouldn't have read this in the dark at midnight.  When it happened it caught me off guard pretty good.  beer didnt help that either.
pantherwarrior370's avatar
Nice work with the suspense. Didn't see that coming at the end, great job Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up 
crucafix's avatar
This is brilliant! O_o

So this is more like a short story with an illustration within it rather than comic book.
I love it though, very much. <3
LiamRSharp's avatar
Thank you! That was the idea. It was a short text story I wrote based on a dream, and we though it would make an interesting Motion Book... not a comic at all! I think this format allows for a great many possibilities! :-)
Meylek's avatar
Wow, maybe that dream I had a long time ago could make for an interesting story, and that's exactly what I've done. It's not an actual story yet, but I'm brainstorming on it.
LiamRSharp's avatar
Dreams are THE BEST place for inspiration! Hope you manage to put some form on to it and craft a story as I did! :-)
crucafix's avatar
Please do more lovecraftian series. I'd like to see more from you guys <3
alpacactus's avatar
Creeeeeeeeeepy good :O Awesome awesome art ^^
LiamRSharp's avatar
Ben-Abernathy's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it--we discovered Dave Lupton in last year's "Monster Hunt"! I'd suggest checking out "Death & the Myrmidon" to see more!
Peloucifer's avatar
wow!amazing job!excellent! greetings from greece!
LiamRSharp's avatar
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :-)
WhollyUnwind's avatar
I was reading this down stairs in my basement and this..this creeped the hell out of me.
You did a very good job making this intresting. XD
LiamRSharp's avatar
Ha ha! Not a good place to read it for sure! :-)

So glad you enjoyed it!
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