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Grimm's Briar Rose

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The classic fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, known more popularly as Sleeping Beauty, tells the story of sweet Briar Rose, cursed by a dark fairy to slumber for 100 years…until love's kiss can awaken her!
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This was always a favorite telling of this story, with the thorny roses walling away the castle and everyone of the court asleep.
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I'm going to get addicted to these...
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I love the characters who gave wishes to the baby princess. Panda Emoji-32 (Happy Blush) [V2] 
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Lol, I love the fact the prince looks so futuristic. That was genius.
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Great motion book! :) And awesome tale ,as well.
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Well done! That was fab :)
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I'd rather read this like a standard comic book. Most of the movement doesn't really do anything for me. Seems very pointless and it doesn't really add to the immersion. The actual art however is really nicely done.

I wish the text was a little bolder or bigger. I have a hard time reading the words even at full screen and the words appear kind of thin. I don't know if there are any text options for the motion books yet but I would recommend enlarging the text slightly or staying away from this font.
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They can add in any font they want, they just upload the desired font.  Yes, I agree, the font choice is rather weak and harder to read.
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i cant watch it it wont work for me D:
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What browser or device are you viewing it from?
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chrome on a windows computer
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wait how do we do to watch this?
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If you are on a desktop or laptop the deviation here on dA should work. If you are viewing from a mobile device or tablet (apple) - we have a free app… where you can read the Briar Rose Motion Book for free plus much more.
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I like how every fairy is a completely different culture, and that the uninvited fairy has the form of a small,creepy child rather than the typical old crone shown in most versions of the tale. Also, beautifully done.
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Glad you appreciated that aspect--each fairy is based on an actual deity from specific regions in the world and there was another design for the 13th Fairy but a child seemed scariest of all. The art is pretty spectacular--wait until you see what Ile does with Rapunzel! ;)
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Yes, I was definitely getting a deity vibe from viewing each fairy.
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Ile's going to post a lot of the fairy designs soon, I think, on her dA page: So keep en eye out!!
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Really excited with the response to this episode! Does anyone have a favorite Grimm's tale (with or without a princess!) they'd like to see in another Motion Book episode? Just curious :)
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Pretty nice, though I had serious problems with changing page from 5 to 6. I loved the camera movement but it caused some problems with arrow active area.
This Mediafire "engine" looks very promising, I wonder if you plan adding some 'final touches' in next projects like some drops and foam near waterfalls, fire particles or character animation (f.e. page 7 was very nice and good looking) ect.?
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Oh woooow, that's gorgeous <3
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