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Dogs of Were

Andre Ramos has been chased, kidnapped, and forced to miss his mama's birthday party--but those aren't the strangest things to happen to him today. Now, waking up in a mysterious hospital, Ramos takes his first steps into a much larger--and weirder--world. But will he be taking those steps on two legs or four?

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Brilliant! Fun story and great build!
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Love it!! an amazing concept!! yeahhh :D
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Great to see this out :D
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Very original!
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Very good !!!!!
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Fresh concept. I enjoyed that. 
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Would love to see more of this interesting story! But there are a few typos/grammar mistakes here and there. Are they intentional, because he doesn't speak well English?
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Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked it! 

Yes, the typos ARE intentional. They were meant to give Ramos his "voice." 
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Oh, that really helps me 'visualize' his character better! Great job! :)
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