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Captain Stone Is Missing - Episode 7: Brother Sun

Episode 7: Brother Sun and Sister Moon

Charlie reveals her dark past and connection to Captain Stone. Will it be too much for Lord Chance?


The world's first and only superhero has disappeared after undergoing a cataclysmic fall from grace in the eyes of the world. Middle-aged and unable to support his operations he had made a preposterous claim that the world was in danger, a notion derided by the media and the public at large.

But what if the claim is true?

Outcast writer and infamous murderess Charlie Chance, AKA The Pet, finds herself searching for the one man who was able to bring her to justice- Captain Stone.

Episode 6: 
Captain Stone Is Missing... - Episode 6: The Pet by MadefireStudios

Episode 1: 
Captain Stone is Missing... - Episode 1: Chess by MadefireStudios
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Gorgeous layout transitions - this is stella!!!
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These are such great stories. But I'm surprised people aren't at you guys for the partial nudity... Then again, most artists are pretty cool with artistic nudity... 

Keep it up! You can't go wrong with this storyline!